Vivace and Plastic Surgery: The Hottest Couple in Aesthetics

The demand for microneedling has been made. Brighter, tighter, healthier-looking skin is the ultimate ask in the aesthetic industry for patients of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors. However, it’s not just dermatologists and med spas adding our award-winning, FDA-approved microneedling technology to their arsenal of skin-perfecting lasers.  For plastic surgery practices, Vivace RF Microneedling has met a specific need for consumers and physicians alike.

With patients looking to find their best beauty experience with the least amount of hassle, (read, avoiding surgery) plastic surgeons are finding it essential to offer their patients an effective, less-invasive approach to transforming how a patient looks and feels. And Vivace RF Microneedle is checking all the boxes to become “the one” for many plastic surgery practices.


Highly Compatible

Dr. Michael DeWolfe, a Chicago-based Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and owner of ElevareMD, added the Vivace RF Microneedle to his practice eight months ago. At a recent symposium in Boca Raton, Florida, Dr. DeWolfe referred to the Vivace RF Microneedle as a “great team player” because of its versatility – the ability for the Vivace to compliment other treatments as well as stand alone. 

In his practice, DeWolfe will recommend Vivace with most other procedures including hydrafacial, threading and fillers and neurotoxins.  The addition of RF and microneedling with Vivace has allowed him to offer a more comprehensive regimen for addressing skin concerns without going down the invasive route.

A key area of concern where Dr. DeWolfe has been employing the Vivace is surgical scar treatments. Whether patients are looking for the best acne scar treatment or to reduce the appearance of scars left behind from surgery, Vivace RF Microneedle has been particularly effective.  Vivace stimulates collagen production and strengthen elastin so scar tissue becomes healthier, ultimately tighter and less visible versus the surrounding skin.


Builds Trust & Loyalty

Being able to offer a patient experience like the Vivace Experience has been particularly beneficial in strengthening relationships with patients which is important to his business’s long-term success. “Vivace is a great relationship builder in our practice” shared DeWolfe.  The fact that patients are awake and comfortable gives his team the opportunity to talk with the patients and build trust.     The ability to offer an effective yet comfortable treatment builds trust and furthers patient loyalty and commitment,” Dr. DeWolfe says.



What’s on the Inside Counts

Vivace RF Microneedle device has been the preferred microneedling device for a growing number of plastic surgery practices because of the advanced technology.   Unlike other microneedling treatments that can cause pain, bleeding, and inconvenient downtime, the Vivace’s 36 insulated, gold-tip needles and the robotic step motor create fast and even insertions into the skin. The chevron-pattern circuitry for the 70-watt patterned RF distributes heat evenly as it delivers skin tightening thus reducing redness, hot spots, burning and discomfort that can occur using other devices. The reason for its renowned comfort level is due to the precise robotic motor which brings the discomfort level to a virtual zero as compared to any other device.  Furthermore, the Vivace RF Microneedle is essentially, three technologies in one: Radio Frequency with Microneeding plus LED.

Plastic surgery is known for innovation. Vivace delivers an advanced treatment that our patient population expects, shared DeWolfe.  “The device is slim-sleek and while it doesn’t take up room is certainly looks the part. Its portability has allowed us to move it between offices weekly and our aestheticians can perform the treatment with little worry about patient safety which is a big advantage and has kept Vivace busy….we talk about it more than any other piece of equipment in my office”


Financially Responsible

As for earning its keep, the Vivace provides impressive ROI results which DeWolfe has seen in his plastic surgery practice.  With an average cost of $800/treatment area, the option to add on other treatments and a two to four week wait list, Dr. DeWolfe was able to pay off his Vivace in a matter of months.  

As the exclusive US Distributor for Vivace RF Microneedle, we are happy to bring the Vivace in for a hands-on demo so you can experience why plastic surgeons like Dr. DeWolfe are loving this technology and understand why it’s helping to build their businesses. Contact us

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