Why is Microneedling So Hot Right Now?

It was just two years ago when Vogue first touted microneedling as the next best thing in skincare.  Despite its crude beginnings, the beauty-forward publication pointed out that the idea of creating tiny holes in the skin to stimulate collagen growth was nothing new.   However, with advancements in technology, microneedling was establishing itself as the anti-aging go-to treatment.

Since Vogue put their precise prediction out into the skincare stratosphere in 2016, the interest in microneedling has continued to skyrocket.   Google searches for microneedling continue to climb and in 2017, The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery added microneedling to its annual survey given the significant number of dermatological procedures performed.

What is the fundamental reason more and more people are willing to go under the “needle”?

The answer is two-fold.

First, most in-office microneedling treatments offer results without the one to two-week downtime that a CO2 or fractional laser requires. Second, for dermatologists, medical spas and plastic surgery centers alike, this procedure is an ideal alternative for patients that want to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin but are not yet ready to consider botox or fillers. With a microneedling treatment the collagen your patients produce is their own which makes it an attractive option for any patient looking to improve the look and texture of their skin.

How are medical practices capitalizing on this growing interest in microneedling? 

With Vivace, practices are offering more than just microneedling.  The patient experience with Vivace is unlike anything before and practices are differentiating themselves from all the microneedling pens that might exist within a 5-mile radius.   

Think about the last time you were able to offer your patients the ability to transform the look of their skin with absolutely no downtime. Or the last time an experience like that could be associated with minimal discomfort.  It wasn’t until now, with Vivace RF Microneedling, that such an experience – the “Vivace Experience” - exists and practices are able to communicate these benefits vs other microneedling and skin rejuvenation procedures.

With Vivace RF Microneedling, you have the ability to deliver real aesthetic results. Cartessa Aesthetics sources leading aesthetic medical devices globally for U.S. dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, and medical spas. The independent business model means Cartessa can handpick devices like Vivace that meet their criteria for better patient outcomes and business models.  Cartessa chose the Vivace RF Microneedle because it is the most technically comprehensive device available on the market and provided an unmatched level of comfort and lack of downtime.

The Vivace RF Microneedle is essentially, three technologies in one: Radio Frequency with Microneeding plus LED. It was designed to improve the contouring and tightening for the face, neck, hands and body and to produce immediate, pain-free results.


For top doctors like Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, a NYC dermatologist, the Vivace is her new favorite device because of this versatility.

It truly combines three technologies in one elegant treatment: microneedling, radiofrequency and red or blue light technology.”  Dr. Nussbaum talks to her patients not only about the benefits of microneedling to increase collagen, but the “tightening benefits of radiofrequency and the ability to address the concerns of those suffering from acne or wanting advantages of red-light LED.”


The technology trifecta uses 36 robotically controlled, gold tipped needles to create the microscopic channels to stimulate collagen while delivering the highest RF power available. The precise delivery of the needles creates clean, even insertions which eliminates pinpoint bleeding, makes Vivace the most comfortable microneedling experience and turns a patient’s skin into the ideal canvas to administer post treatment products like serums and PRP.  Gone is the idea that a microneedling session equates to blood or the unpleasant images of the Vampire facial that Kim Kardashian endured years ago.


This is unlike the traditional microneedling treatments you might be thinking of,” Dr. Nussbaum continues. “[It] won’t leave you with a red, blotchy or unsightly appearance, no matter what your skin type is.”


Why have practices been so successful with Vivace?

Practices have been paying their device off in as few as 3 months or 30 patients, presenting a very successful ROI for all practices. Reasons why include:


  • Demand: The demand for microneedling is undeniable and this is the best microneedling option.  The Vivace experience means patients will come back for multiple treatments, and many are opting in to treat additional areas of the body.  In a word, Vivace is “addictive”.

  • Versatility and Promotional Advantages: The insulated and non-insulated needles plus the ability to be combined microneedling with other popular aesthetic procedures provides great potential for all patient types and a range of skincare goals.  Vivace is ideal for promotions, treatment packages and the upsell of other enhancements. For example, with perfectly primed skin post-treatment, many practices are offering microneedling in conjunction with PRP, taking profits per session up as high as 50%.

  • It’s timeless: No matter whether your patient is in their 20s and focused on prevention or are in their 60’s, the Vivace RF treatment is appealing to all demographics.

  • No summer slowdown: With so many aesthetic procedures requiring patients to stay out of the sun post-treatment, slow-downs over the summer are an unfortunate reality . The Vivace RF microneedling treatment, however, can be used on all skin tones, all summer long.  Vivace helps keep patients coming in regardless of the season

The Future of Microneedling

It’s important to consider the longevity of a product or procedure before implementing it into your practice. Not only has the FDA moved to regulate at-home microneedling devices, the FDA recently issued a statement regarding in-office microneedling devices.  Vivace is FDA- cleared as a medical device, whereas most “skin pens” have not received the same FDA-protection. Lastly, Vivace represents the future of microneedling and aesthetics as consumers are looking to pair treatments with cosmeceuticals  and overall “experiences” that don’t trading-off results for unpleasant procedures and downtime.

With proven patient demand and an ROI unlike any other aesthetic procedure, adding Vivace RF Microneedling to your practice is a win-win.  The best way to understand the magic of Vivace is to experience it for yourself.  Contact us to set up a free demonstration, today!

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