What sets our CO2 model apart is the range of treatments that can be performed. One can easily select the precise power, density and pulse durations so treatments can be tailored and optimized to fit your patient’s expectations.


//  Most Versatile CO2

//  More Patient Satisfaction

//  Efficacious & Efficient


Most Versatile

The Cartessa selected CO2 model is a 150-micron fractional laser with user controlled coverage, density and pulse duration.  Therefore, you can address a full range of aesthetic needs with one device – from the most delicate areas around the eyes to scars to deep wrinkles. Whether your patient is looking for a laser peel with one hour of downtime, or one week surface ablation of wrinkles, the CO2 interface allows you to deliver the treatments with unparalleled precision.


More Patient

Patients of all ages are seeking fractional resurfacing. Some require more thermal stimulation than others, however, given today’s busy lifestyles, tolerance for unnecessary downtime is low.  By varying the pulse duration, one can tailor treatment to a 30-year-old woman and to a retired 70-year-old grandmother, resulting in the only downtime that is absolutely necessary.

Our selected CO2 is a DC-excited CO2 laser with technology to provide short and long pulse durations. Repeated, shallower laser actions makes it possible to achieve excellent results in fewer sessions and since the healthy surrounding tissues are protected, post-op recovery is shorter, simpler and has a lower risk of complications.


Efficacious &

We understand that in today’s environment, procedural efficiency and efficacy must be maximized. The CO2 puts the operator’s control at their fingertips and eliminates the need to turn to a touchscreen display.  Operators can make “on the fly” changes in order to conform to each individual patient’s anatomy and conditions. 

Furthermore, the design eliminates the need for additional staff to change the console settings.



CO2 Results