The Discovery offers power and precision that drives real results.  With four different emission modes - Picosecond, Q-Switched, Opti-Pulse, and Photo Thermal- the Discovery performs a long list of treatments with a single laser. These include the removal of tattoos, treatment of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, skin resurfacing/treatment of wrinkles and permanent hair reduction. 


//  1.8GW of Industry-Leading Peak Power

//  Three True-Laser Wavelengths

//  Flat Top Square & Round Hand Pieces


1.8GW of Industry-Leading
Peak Power  

The ultra-high specification of this laser increases the speed at which it shatters tattoo pigments particles, resulting in the optimum photomechanical effect and reducing the number of treatments required.


Three True-Laser

Whereas other lasers have alternative dye converter options, the Discovery is the first picosecond laser to include a Ruby 694nm wavelength for removal of light blue and green pigments that are notoriously difficult to treat.


Flat Top Square
& Round Hand Pieces

In order to reduce healing time and side effects, the laser beam profile of Picosecond and Q-switched lasers should be as homogeneous as possible. Furthermore, the extremely high laser peak power of these devices must treat the skin without any “hot points” in the spot size. With advanced optical technology, the Discovery hand piece assures a perfect flat top beam profile to distribute the laser power homogeneously all over the spot size.

Flat top round and square hand pieces also make it possible to treat all pigment areas – from tattoos to spot lesions – evenly and precisely. The flat top round hand pieces have been designed according to the shape of pigment lesions to make the healing process more natural.



Discovery Results


The tattoo removal results with the Discovery have exceed my expectations. I particularly like how fast the laser turns on and is ready to use, its durable design, its range of fluence settings, ease of use, self calibration, three true lasers in one box and ability to treat fast, up to 10 hz. Of the 15 lasers and devices I own, this is one of my favorites.
— Dr. E. Schweiger, Dermatologist