The Elessa performs body shaping and toning via a patented ultrasonic handpiece. The handpiece’s concave base houses two partially opposed transducers which, because of its shape, generates overlapping ultrasonic beams that converge in a specific spot inside the tissue. The benefits of Elessa are: 


//  Measurable results after one treatment

//  No pain or downtime

//  Ability to treat multiple areas more often

//  Flexibility to treat the broadest range of BMIs  

//  No consumables


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 The Elessa is a state-of-the-art alternative to surgical fat reduction.

Measurable Results 

The power of Elessa comes from what’s possible when two non-focused ultrasonic beams overlap at an operator set depth and power with both high and low frequencies. The beams converge deeply and safely into the tissue inducing a thermal and mechanical effect which creates a visible and measurable outcome in one treatment.


No Pain or Downtime

Currently there are few options available that deliver results without significant discomfort and/or recovery. Surgery may be accompanied by significant downtime and complications. Other body contouring procedures are painful, making treating multiple areas difficult and making patients unwilling to finish subsequent treatments.

Elessa is painless with no post-procedure downtime. The delivery of the ultrasonic beams targets the specific tissue area and leaves the surrounding structures undamaged. Thus, there is no resulting inflammation or complications.


Ability To Treat
More Patients, More Often

The mechanism by which Elessa targets fat tissue makes it possible for patients to receive Elessa treatments on multiple areas in one session. Patients can return for a subsequent treatment area after one week, as compared to after several months with other procedures. Furthermore, because Elessa is comfortable and results immediate, patients are more apt to schedule these follow-up appointments for current and new areas. 

Lastly, one of the most unique benefits to Elessa, is the ability to treat a full range of BMIs.  

Elessa may be an option to compliment other toning procedures to get the most out of a patient’s body contouring regimen.



Elessa Results


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