The EVO Series offers unmatched performance, reliability and never-before-seen configurations that are revolutionary in its class:


EVO Light Series for optimized hair removal, leg veins, pigmented lesions, vascular lesions, and IPL treatment options

EVO Q-Plus Series for tattoo removal, pigmented lesions and IPL treatment options


All lasers within the Evo Series feature:

// State-of-the-art touchscreen with today's smart phone technology (able to operate with exam gloves)

// Under 2 minute start-up-time and faster treatment times

// Easy-to-operate software with GUI

// Optimized cooling with active cooling vent technology

// No consumables and low cost of ownership



EVO Q-Plus Series

This Evo laser is the evolution of the industry favorite three wavelength laser for tattoo removal.  

The proven technology of the Evo Q-Plus makes it possible to treat virtually every treatable pigment, including all treatable ink colors.  It is safe for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI and the variable pulse duration offers photomechanical or photo-thermal options.

Additional features include:

// Ability to customize with Q-switched: Nd:YAG, KTP and Ruby lasers as well as chilled IPL technology

// The fastest Ruby laser on the market with three true-laser wavelengths

// Flat Top Square handpiece for homogenous coverage and less “hot spots” for greater patient comfort



EVO Q-Plus Results



EVO Light Series  

The EVO Light™ Series has been developed for practices who are looking to perform a wide range of treatments.

Designed for unmatched versatility, the EVO Light™ Series performs hair reduction on all skin types, benign pigmented lesions, atrophic acne scars, vascular lesions and fine lines & wrinkles. This Evo laser can be customized with Alexandrite 755 nm, Nd:YAG 1064 nm and/or KTP 532 nm lasers all in one machine, plus there is the option to add an IPL. 

Additional features include:

// 10 Hz and large spot size provides ultra-fast treatment times

// Flat Top Round Handpiece distributes power homogeneously

// No GEL Hair removal treatments so no cryogen to purchase

LIGHT_EVO_angle (1).png


EVO Light Series Results


Unlike other Q-switch lasers in the market, the Q-Plus with its multiple wavelengths is both powerful and reliable laser. It is my laser of choice for tattoo removal and treatment of lentigines. My patients love the results.
— Dr. G. Chuang, Tufts University

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