The Forte laser combines IPL, high-speed Diode and Erbium:YAG technologies in a portable platform system that was designed for maximum effectiveness, safety and versatility. Its customizable laser configurations and IPL handpieces mean that the Forte can grow as your practice grows.


//  Broad Array of Treatment Options

//  IPL Adaptive Pulse Control (APC) Technology

//  Integrated Contact Cooling

//  Laser Diode & Erbium: YAG Technology




Range of

The configurable Forte laser design, means it is able to deliver a range of treatments, including:

/ Hair removal
/ Pigmented Lesions
/ Vascular Lesions
/ Inflammatory Acne
/ Wrinkles
/ Scars

The Forte is pre-set for skin type and treatment to reduce errors in treatment parameters.  


APC Technology  
& Integrated Contact Cooling 

Adaptive Pulse Control (APC) technology is an advanced IPL pulse control system that automatically selects the best treatment configuration. For each treatment required, this feature adjusts to the right pulse sequence and amount of energy needed to ensure that all treatments are safe and effective.

The Forte laser combines the state-of-art APC technology with powerful contact skin cooling and sapphire waveguide making it able to perform comfortable and effective treatments on all skin conditions. 


Laser Diode  
&Erbium: YAG Technology 

The Forte’s Diode laser technology allows for fast hair removal treatments on a range of skintypes (Fitzpatrick I-V) without requiring the use of gel.  The hand-piece is available in different emission modes: continuous wave, pulsed, burst (repeated pulses).

The Er:YAG laser effectively performs skin resurfacing and wrinkle treatments.  Through the variation of pulse parameters, the Forte laser is able to remove layers of skin with minimal thermal damage and to produce higher coagulation suitable for the stimulation of collagen production.


My Forte laser system has been a workhorse for my practice. In one device, I can safely perform Laser hair removal in patients of all skin types as well as tanned skin. This allows me freedom to treat patients all times of the year, instead of waiting for tans to fade or risking unwanted effects from treating darker skin.
— Dr. J Lee, Dermatologist

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