The Juliet short and long pulse technology offers next generation treatment of women’s intimate diseases and discomfort, going beyond traditional devices.


//  Better, Longer-term Results

//  Unsurpassed Patient Experience

//  Uniquely Stable & Precise


Longer-Term Results

The Juliet is distinguished from earlier feminine rejuvenation devices by its ability to combine short and long pulse Erbium technology. The Erbium technology targets submucosal collagen in the lamina propria – a collagen rich, elastic layer of the vaginal wall that can be stimulated in a selective way without damaging the surrounding tissue. By remodeling both the mucosa and sub-mucosa, the Juliet treats vaginal atrophy and laxity and yields longer-term results.


Patient Experience

In addition to it being a non-surgical, in-office treatment (and an alternative to hormone therapy), the Juliet is different than other lasers as it is painless and downtime is minimal. Most patients report seeing results after one session and needing fewer subsequent treatments.


Uniquely Stable
& Precise

What allows the Juliet to deliver better results with less pain, is the improved handpiece. In contrast to the large "cage" and heat of the CO2 laser which often results in un-even treatments, tissue-damage and pain, the Juliet has a slimmer design with no cage or gap. The 45-degree gold-coated mirror provides for optimal microbeam reflection and therefore a more uniform treatment. Lastly, the sleeve remains still while optics rotate inside, increasing stability and precision and eliminating tissue trauma.


Hormonal therapies are often used to treat vaginal conditions but not every patient is an ideal candidate for hormones. I see the Juliet as being a game changer for my patients.
— Dr. Rebecca McCrery, Omaha, Nebraska