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LipoAI: The Next Generation Of Laser-assisted Lipolysis

Early Results, 8 weeks post-op courtesy of Carey Nease, MD.

Early results, 2.5 months post-op courtesy of Paul Kim, MD

Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

LipoAI advances the art of liposuction with incredible controlled power, precision, and intelligence. Thanks to nearly a decade of technological advancements and extensive research, LipoAI delivers a faster, safer, and more efficient laser-assisted lipolysis procedure, improving both the patient and surgeon experience.


  • AI Mode – an intelligent feedback system adjusting energy delivery in real time using predictive algorithms and adaptive behavior
  • Shorter pulse duration to reach higher peak power
  • Higher frequency for more rapid firing
  • 1444nm gold standard wavelength for fat & water absorption
  • PLUS technology – lymphatic massage tool to enhance patient experience
Lipo AI delivers the energy much faster and more efficiently than previous technologies and patients are more comfortable post-operatively. I have seen no issues with post-op numbness or hypersensitivity in the areas treated like other energy based skin tightening devices.

— Carey Nease, MD



LipoAI incorporates a predictive algorithm modeled on thousands of data points, measuring temperature and energy in varied and dynamic environments, to predict temperature and set thresholds for lipolysis. When using AI Mode, the device is able to interpret the surgeon’s movements to predict the proper delivery of energy to tissue and adjust intelligently and automatically in real time.


By achieving a significantly higher peak power and higher frequency than previous generations of LAL devices, LipoAI is able to destroy fat cells faster, more powerfully, and more efficiently. The higher peak power also produces less thermal wake, leading to safer, more controlled delivery of laser energy to targeted areas.


LipoAI can be used across large and small, hard-to-treat areas. Thanks to the skin tightening benefits of LAL, patients who are not a candidate for traditional liposuction may benefit from this procedure. Procedures can be performed in the operating room or in the office, further increasing the range of options available to the surgeon.


Compared to traditional liposuction, LipoAI promotes a safer and more efficient destruction of fat and a superior skin tightening effect, leading to an improved patient experience overall: less bruising, minimal pain, less recovery time, and tighter results.

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