6 New Skin Tightening Treatments That Really Work

Today, dermatologists and plastic surgeons can tighten lax, sagging skin on the face and body—often without using a scalpel. These are the new treatments that actually work....



Microneedling with other technologies

Some newer procedures combine multiple technologies in one device to tighten skin. For example, Vivace is a new treatment that starts with microneedling and adds radiofrequency and laser light. “It is the first device to use a robotic motor to gently push the needles into the skin, allowing smooth, precise control, no downtime, complete comfort, and the optimal delivery system post treatment,” says Sejal Shah, MD, founder of SmarterSkin Dermatology in New York City. “Both the microneedling and the radiofrequency components stimulate collagen, resulting in skin tightening,” she says. “I use the treatment primarily on the face, neck, and chest, but have used it in other areas of the body as well such as, hands, knees, abdomen.” And so far, so good. “Most people have noticed immediately that skin appears more radiant and even tighter. Over time, the skin should appear smoother and firmer, with improved texture and reduced fine lines and wrinkles,” she says. Some people also notice improved tone and more even pigmentation. The number of treatments needed varies, but it typically ranges from three to six. Here’s why microneedling is such a hot skin-care trend right now.

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