The V-Lase is the only non-ablative CO2 laser solution for vaginal rejuvenation. The V-Lase utilizes patented chopped-continuous wave (CW) technology to painlessly restore the vaginal mucosa, reduce vaginal diameter and remodel the vaginal environment improving hydration, elasticity and pH balance.


As the only non-ablative CO2 available, V-Lase offers many benefits over other devices:

//  Unmatched efficacy & safety profile

//  Better patient experience

//  Practice advantages

//  Versatility

Manufactured by Lasering s.r.l.

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Unmatched Efficacy & Safety from a Hybrid Technology

The CO2 laser – with a small spot size - has been universally considered the gold standard for facial resurfacing.  For vaginal rejuvenation, ablation is not necessary to achieve desired outcomes and does come with undue risk. Only V-Lase offers a non-ablative/non-fractional CO2 for feminine rejuvenation using patented chopped CW technology.

Gentle heat from the non-ablative laser beam creates mild thermal damage to the mucosal lining and underlying tissues of the vaginal canal and vulva. This will remodel (shrink and tighten) existing collagen and induce fibroblasts to replicate, thus creating new collagen, elastin, reticular fibers and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) in the extracellular matrix. All of this activity will thicken, tighten and make the vaginal walls more elastic and pliable over time.

It will also create new superficial blood vessels that not only provide better oxygenation and nutrition to the tissue to help restore vaginal moisture and pH balance.


Patient Experience

V-Lase eliminates post-op healing but offers additional benefits for patients’ before treatment, during and post-procedure. First, patients do not need to shave or prep the area prior to treatment. There is no anesthesia or smoke evacuator required when treating the vulva. The procedure is fast, painless and because there is no post-op healing period, patients can quickly resume their daily activities. Lastly, patients will not experience discharge after V-Lase treatment.


Practice Advantages

The V-Lase offers two key advantages for practitioners – treatment efficiencies and lack of consumables.

The treatment with the V-Lase lasts about fifteen minutes and because of the gentle heat, it is faster and easier for the practitioner to perform than ablative or RF modalities. It is only necessary to numb the exterior which can be done while we are performing internal treatment.

With an autoclavable probe and no need for ultrasound gel, the V-Lase eliminates all consumable costs for practices.



With the V-Lase, practitioners have a highly effective device for skin rejuvenation. The large spot size and deep heat from the V-Lase has delivered award winning results.


The patients I have treated with V-lase are able to get back to healthy, active social lives and to truly thrive internally and externally. It’s a quicker and easier procedure so it has been better for my practice and better for my patients than other options for vaginal rejuvenation.
— Dr. Monte Slater, Atlanta, Georgia