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Achieve optimal results without the downtime with the only “non-ablative” CO2 laser for tissue remodeling. V-Lase uses advanced CO2 laser technology that deposits more heat into the internal tissue than other devices. This means better results, greater clinical efficacy and quick recovery for your patients.



Better Patient

There are many benefits for patients before, during and post- procedure. Before treatment, patients are not required to prep the area in any way. Fast and painless, there is no discharge, risk of infection or bruising, so patients can immediately resume their daily activities.


Increased Versatility

With the V-Lase, practitioners have a highly effective device for skin rejuvenation. The large spot size and deep heat from the V-Lase has delivered award winning results.


Unmatched Efficacy & Safety

The CO2 laser — with small spot size — has been universally considered the gold standard for facial resurfacing.  However, ablation is not always necessary to achieve desired outcomes and does come with undue risk. Only V-Lase offers a non-ablative/non-fractional CO2 for tissue remodeling, using the patented chopped CW technology. Gentle, controlled heat from the laser creates mild thermal tissue damage, stimulating collagen production and improving elasticity. Tissue is thicker, tighter and more pliable over time. New superficial blood vessels are also produced, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. With tissue reinvigorated and cellular matrix stronger, many of the symptoms impacting quality of life can be alleviated.


Practice Advantages

The V-Lase offers two key advantages for practitioners — treatment efficiencies and lack of consumables.

The treatment with the V-Lase has a duration of only about 15 minutes. Due to the V-Lase’s gentle heat, it is faster and easier for the practitioner to perform, in comparison to ablative or RF modalities.

It is only necessary to numb the exterior of the area which can be done while performing the internal treatment.

With an autoclavable probe and removing the need for ultrasound gel, the V-Lase eliminates all consumable costs for practices, increasing the opportunity for increased ROI.




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