Our Devices are Selected Because They Are Safe and Effective Across Skin Types


Pigmentation comes in many shapes and sizes - whether it be age spots, brown spots, birthmarks or darker pigmented lesions . To give physicians what they need to treat this vast range ofskin types and conditions, Cartessa looks for highly versatile technologies that are safe for all skin types and tones and can evenly and comfortably treat any shape discoloration.   


What is interesting about when you treat a pigmented lesion with a laser, it actually gets darker. Then over the next one to two weeks, it breaks up, becomes ashy and disappears.
— Gabe Lubin, Founder & CEO, Cartessa Aesthetics


Treat More Pigmentations More Comfortably

Evo Series 

The EVO series is engineered to treat a wide range of pigmented lesions and skin types safely.  These lasers boast a larger beam size and energy outputs that treat even the most difficult pigmentation.  Treatments are fast, evenly delivered and comfortable. 



Precise Pigmentation Removal


The Forte is able to comfortably and effectively treat all skin types and conditions because of its unique design features. First, the Forte features a state-of-the-art control system to deliver the ideal speed and energy best suited for the treatment area. The Forte then combines this precision with powerful cooling at the point of contact making the procedure much more comfortable.   




Power For
All Pigment Types



The Discovery picosecond is amongst the most safe and powerful lasers for the treatment of pigmentations.  The patented design delivers this peak power homogenously and precisely so any color or shape pigment can be treated and the skin can heal naturally and effectively.