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Discoloration of the skin is an inevitable reality which can be brought on by age, sun exposure, or environmental factors. Lasers provide an easy way to refresh skin and eliminate a range of imperfections. Treatments are quick and have minimal downtime, making them great alternatives to peels, microdermabrasion, and invasive surgery.

Our Pigmentation Treatment Devices Are Safe and Effective Across Skin Types 

Pigmentation issues come in many shapes and sizes. Age spots, brown spots, birthmarks, and darker pigmented lesions are just a few of the most common challenges. To give physicians a pigmentation removal machine that truly delivers, Cartessa leverages highly-versatile pigmentation removal technologies. These technologies are safe across skin types, conditions, and tones, and can evenly and comfortably treat any shape discoloration.

EVO Series

The EVO Series by Quanta System Aesthetic Division is engineered to treat a wide range of pigmented lesions safely. This pigmentation treatment device boasts a larger beam size and energy output which allows it to treat even the most difficult pigmentation issues. Treatments are fast, evenly delivered, and comfortable. 

Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

Motus AZ+

The Motus AZ+ by DEKA is highly effective for treating benign pigmented lesions. The unique moveo PL in-motion technology ensures 100% energy transmission to reduce pigmentation without discomfort or side effects, like striping. Tradition delivery is also available for more targeted treatments.

Images Courtesy of Dr. Ciprian Constantin Flueras, M.D.

Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

Discovery Pico

The Discovery Pico is among the safest and most powerful lasers for the treatment of pigmentation. The patented design delivers peak power homogeneously and precisely treating any color or shape of pigment. Plus, use of the laser supports natural and effective healing.

Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

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