Our Breakthrough Technology Offers Significant Benefits


The DenaVe, exclusive to Cartessa, offers an alternative to what’s been considered the gold standard in treating rosacea for the last 20 years, pulse-dyed lasers. By delivering the same effective laser wavelength via a more versatile and controlled method, the DenaVe eliminates redness while minimizing side effects and downtime.


The DenaVe is an effective technology for conditions like rosacea that we see everyday and it has a much better tolerated side effect profile.
— Nazanin Saedi, MD. Dermatologist



The DenaVe uses a concentrated beam of light that targets the facial blood vessels that cause redness. The light is converted into heat, destroying the blood vessels. The DenaVe delivers energy at the optimal wavelength and speed to minimize damage to surrounding skin and purpura, a typical side effect from standard vascular lasers. Purpura, also known as blood spots, are purple in color and can result when blood vessels are broken. DenaVe is designed for unmatched precision to better match the size and shape of the targeted area. Together, these benefits virtually eliminate post-treatment downtime.



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