Our Products Combine Results, Versatility & Safety 


In general, laser light works to constrict blood vessels without harming the surrounding tissue. Leg veins and spider veins visibly disappear and vascular imperfections on the face, including rosacea, are erased. Cartessa's products indicated for vascular lesions include emission modes like IPL or KTP which can quickly, safely and permanently eliminate these imperfections.


What stands in the way of people treating imperfections like spider veins and rosacea, especially on the face, is the fear that the issue will be exacerbated. However, I’ve seen these lasers deliver dramatic results that patients didn’t think were possible.
— Gabe Lubin, Founder & CEO, Cartessa Aesthetics


Target Vascular Imperfections Across All Skin Types

Evo Series 

The EVO series is engineered to treat a wide range of vascular lesions safely and effectively across all skin types.  These lasers boast a larger beam size and energy outputs that treat even the most difficult vascular imperfections.  Treatments are fast, evenly delivered and comfortable. 



Precise, Quick Treatments


The Forte is able to comfortably and effectively reduce vascular lesion on all skin conditions because of its unique design features. First, the Forte features a state-of-the-art control system to deliver the ideal speed and energy best suited for the specific vascular imperfection. The Forte then combines this precision with powerful cooling at the point of contact making the procedure much more comfortable.