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Cartessa presents Chronos, the latest innovation in regenerative aesthetics that harnesses the power of exosomes. Crafted in highly specialized laboratories, this advanced line of biologics is defined by its traceability, purity, and potency. Chronos sets a new benchmark in aesthetic treatments, available exclusively through Cartessa Aesthetics.

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Exosomes are naturally occurring, microscopic vesicles that play a crucial role in cell communication, carrying proteins, lipids, and RNA between cells. In aesthetics, they are trending due to their ability to enhance treatment efficacy and accelerate recovery, offering a new frontier in personalized and effective skincare solutions.

Produced in an FDA-compliant, ISO 7, cGMP-certified lab, Chronos products embody the highest standards in exosome technology and treatments, combining reliability and cutting-edge science.

A Milestone in Exosome Technology

Chronos ExoCR Vial and Box product shot
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ExoCR, the first exosome product in the Chronos line, embodies the latest advancements in biological science. Here's what sets ExoCR apart:

  • Advanced Distillation: ExoCR is a single-source, non-lyophilized biologic, uniquely designed to target dermal fibroblasts with precision.
  • High Particulate Count: Contains more than 50 billion particulates, ensuring a rich concentration for effective results.
  • Intact Exosomes: Features more than 10 billion intact exosomes, harnessing their potential to revolutionize aesthetic treatments.
  • Verified Composition: ExoCR has been validated to contain over 1,000 growth factors and cytokines, tapping into the fundamental processes of biological regeneration.
  • Wharton’s Jelly Derived: The formulation is derived from Wharton’s Jelly, a perinatal tissue source abundant in exosomes, regenerative properties, and essential growth factors.

Position your practice at the forefront of aesthetic innovation and offer your patients this cutting-edge biologic.

Treatments THat Deliver ResUlts

When used in combination with other leading aesthetic treatments—such as microneedling and laser resurfacing—ExoCR delivers noticeable results for your patients. 

Results - Before and After - Female patient with Helix and EXO CR treatment

Treatment: Laser resurfacing with Helix + EXO CR

Treatment setting: 1st Pass DP 20W, 1570 4W, 500 Spacing
2nd Pass HP CoolPeel 4W, 1570 4W, 500 Spacing

Results courtesy of: Monica Bonakdar, MD

Female patient - before and after results of receiving Tetra CO2 and EXO CR

Treatment: Laser resurfacing with Tetra CO2 + EXO CR

Treatment setting: Deka HP 10W, 300 Spacing

Results courtesy of: Jordan White, BSN, RN

Results from Exo CR treatment on female patient - before and after

Treatment: VirtueRF Microneedling + CoolPeel + EXO CR

Treatment setting: Same settings for both treatments, 3 RFMN passes at 5/500, Deka CoolPeel HP 3W, 600 spacing

Results courtesy of: PURE Regenerative Medicine

Results with before and after - female patient with Exo CR treatment

Treatment: RF Microneedling + CoolPeel + EXO CR

Results courtesy of: Ruxer Medspa

Before and After image of female patient after RF Microneedling, Cool Peel and EXO CR treatment

Treatment: RF Microneedling + CoolPeel + EXO CR

Results courtesy of: Ruxer Medspa

Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

Watch Our New Webinar


Exosomes are the fastest-growing segment of the regenerative aesthetics industry. Over the next decade, the category is projected to grow at a 32% compounded growth rate. However, for as much communication and ‘buzz’ is out there, so is misinformation and confusion over offerings and what information is crucial to make decisions for your patients. In this webinar, we sit down with the lead scientist behind Chronos ExoCR, Cartessa's newest exosome technology, to better understand the science behind exosomes, what questions providers should be asking, and why Chronos ExoCR offers the highest level of targeted potency and scientific validation.

Technician using Chronos device on patient

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