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To me, beauty is inclusion – every size, every color – that's the world I can live in.

- Prabal Gurung (Fashion Designer)
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In the art of aesthetics, there is no room to be colorblind. Everyone's story, their background, must be understood to truly know how to treat and customize an experience that is as rich as they are. 

Cartessa’s Skinclusive mission is to support providers with the tools to treat all skin types safely and effectively. Cartessa is committed to bringing the best-in-class technology and the supporting resources to equip providers to treat skinclusively.

Sign-up For Skinclusive Certification

Cartessa customers can sign up for FREE access to the Skinclusive Certification program with a focus on skin of color to help elevate your practice. With modules on skin assessment, science of skin, laser tissue interaction, and treatment specific considerations, the basic principles are reinforced to help providers treat all skin types safely and effectively. 

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Want to learn more about our skinclusive products? Reach out —  we’d be happy to provide more information and better understand your practice goals.

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