The DenaVe is the only 585nm diode delivered via fiberoptic.  This unique design makes it the first compact laser to output the same wavelength as a dye in either continuous or pulsed modes.  Treatments can be performed with minimal risk of purpura for patients and virtually zero cost of ownership for the provider.

The DenaVe treats various vascular lesions - including rosacea, diffuse telangiectasias and superficial PWS - and pigmented lesions with the following benefits:


// Maximum Precision & Ease of Use

// Minimized Side Effects & Downtime

// A Better Business Model

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Maximum Precision
& Ease of Use

There are several design features in the DenaVe scanner that make it a more precise vascular laser including; selectable filling mode, multiple shapes, adjustable area size and variable spot pitch. Operators have complete visibility into the beam's delivery. The beam can be adjusted easily and quickly via the LED control in the handpiece to match the vessels or pigment shape and size.


Minimized Side Effects
& Downtime

There are many advancements that allows the DenaVe to minimize possible side effects like purpura and discomfort.

First, the DenaVe comes with an integrated chiller to maximize patient comfort and minimize clinical downtime.

Second, the DenaVe reduces the occurrence of purpura by employing selective photothermolysis – delivering the ideal wavelength, fluence and pulse width to be shorter than the thermal relaxation time of the vessels.

Lastly, the advanced EliteScan scanner technology makes it possible to target small and large areas in a highly precise fashion thus mitigating unnecessary heat to unaffected areas.


A Better
Business Model

The DenaVe is a prime example of Cartessa’s commitment to sourcing not just those devices that out-perform clinically, but those that offer a better financial model for practices.

A significant pain-point for pulsed dye owners is the heavy financial burden to maintain the device.  Busy practices have reported spending in excess of $15,000 per year in maintenance costs. 

The DenaVe represents the future of vascular lasers.  A diode laser delivered via fiberoptic means it is extremely resilient, allowing practices to do away with excessive service contracts.  There are no consumables or annual maintenance costs making the DenaVe the financially optimal option.



DenaVe Results


We are seeing excellent, durable results from well-tolerated treatments with The DenaVe.  The 585 nm wavelength is excellent for vasculature with less effect on the melanin. The device is easy to use and versatile making it a great addition to my practice and for my patients.
— Nazanin Saedi M.D., Philadelphia, PA


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