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PHYSIQ 360 Machine in black


PHYSIQ 360 is an innovative, non-invasive body treatment designed to treat the total body – for every body. With three modalities, four independent applicators, and customizable treatment parameters, PHYSIQ 360 is the most versatile and comprehensive body contouring solution on the market. 

PHYSIQ is manufactured by DEKA, Europe’s top aesthetic laser manufacturer, exclusively for Cartessa Aesthetics

Technology that Delivers Results

PHYSIQ 360 treatment on womans abdomen


Exclusive STEP (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) technology enables PHYSIQ 360 to stimulate muscles (with EMS) and target fat (with LZR) in one session, providing variable stimulation to maximize patient outcomes in a comfortable, hands-free, no downtime treatment.


  • Four independent applicators that can deliver LZR, EMS, and STEP
  • Customizable and pre-set parameters, including specially designed combination treatments
  • Additional built-in lymphatic drainage handpiece
  • Hands-free treatment & patient control button minimize staff time

Technology that Delivers Results

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Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

By delivering both EMS and SDM energies from each of its four applicators, PHYSIQ provides the variable stimulation to maximize patient outcomes in a comfortable, hands-free, no downtime treatment. PHYSIQ was designed so that multiple areas, even small body parts, can be targeted and to stand-out in the fast-growing body category.


  • Four applicators capable of both EMS and SDM
  • Consistent Contact sapphire cooling with SDM
  • Customizable and pre-set parameters
  • Patient control button & secure applicators minimize staff time
  • Treatment set up and navigation made easy with intuitive user interface
It's important to my practice to be able to deliver excellent results regardless of age, size, skin type, or fitness level. PHYSIQ 360 allows us to treat every body and deliver meaningful and consistent results to everyone. We love the versatility of PHYSIQ 360!

— Sarah Carter, MD

The PHYSIQ 360 blends efficacy, comfort, safety, and patient satisfaction in such a way that has finally given my practice the confidence to recommend a non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

— Behrooz Torkian, MD

What my patients, staff, and I love about the PHYSIQ 360 is that we can target subcutaneous tissue and muscle with one device, in one session, with a minimal disposable stream, saving us all time and money.

— Kenneth Rothaus, MD

With all the advancements in the weight loss industry, patients have become more demanding. Having leading edge technology in the body market is a must. PHYSIQ 360 gives us a competitive advantage in our market. 

— Sarah Carter, MD

Key Benefits of Physiq 360


PHYSIQ 360 optimizes energy delivery to both fat and muscle. LZR laser energy with patent-pending PURE BEAM Technology ensures optimal quality, uniformity, and depth of penetration to selectively target fat. EMS electrical muscle stimulation powerfully engages all muscle fibers for comprehensive muscle re-education.

Exclusive STEP (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) Technology enables the sequential delivery of EMS and LZR in a single session. By varying the energy modality to fat and muscle, results are maximized while treatment length is minimized. All PHYSIQ 360 applicators are capable of EMS only, LZR only, and STEP. 


Providers can choose to utilize two, three or four applicators to target one or more body areas. Treating multiple areas at once maximizes room time and patient results. Each applicator can be independently controlled, allowing providers to customize the settings depending on the body areas – and the muscle groups – being treated. Applicators are designed to comfortably fit larger and smaller areas while maximizing the treated subcutaneous tissue.


PHYSIQ 360 treatments are comfortable and require no downtime. LZR with PURE BEAM Technology delivers concentrated heat directly into the deeper layers of fat while minimizing hot spots at the surface, resulting in a more comfortable treatment. Constant contact cooling during LZR further protects the epidermis, while EMS phases help maintain target temperature without overheating. Patients can also use a control button to quickly adjust the energy modulation and fine-tune their comfort level without waiting for staff to do so.

The PLUS handpiece further enhances patient experience and expedites results by aiding the lymphatic system.


The breadth of treatment options, low consumable costs, and limited staff time increase PHYSIQ 360's ROI potential. In addition to easy set up, body bands hold applicators in place during treatment, requiring little staff time per session.

PHYSIQ 360 is safe and effective for all skin types and body types, allowing providers to treat the largest patient population possible. It can also complement weight loss medications – helping providers target pockets of fat and re-educate muscles as part of a holistic weight loss program.

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