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Watch, listen and engage with interviews related to aesthetic devices, business strategies and inspiring success stories. Play podcast videos below or browse and listen on the go to the audio versions from our SoundCloud page. Have a question, submit your questions at the bottom of the page.

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Connecting on Chrome
Episode 1
Beyond A Laser Platform

Podcast veteran Dr. Adarsh Mudgil gets technical with fellow dermatologist Dr. Tom Griffin on Chrome, diving into techniques, results, and business benefits of adding Chrome to aesthetic practices. Chrome Lase Station is the only multiwavelength platform with dedicated patient-centric Skin Apps. Chrome is manufactured by Quanta Systems, and exclusive brought to the US by Cartessa Aesthetics.

The Dr. Mudgil Podcast
Episode Special
Gabe Lubin

We're proud to share a special feature pulled from the Dr. Mudgil Podcast. In Episode 23 of Dr. Mudgil Podcast, Dr. Mudgil interviews our very own, Gabe Lubin, founder and CEO of Cartessa Aesthetics. Describing Cartessa Aesthetics as a truly novel medical aesthetic device company, he takes us through Gabe's entrepreneurial journey. Listen to how Cartessa was started when Gabe left his job as a highly successful sales executive, bet on himself, and went on to build an eight-figure company from zero within just a few years! You're going to love his story!

Thank you Dr. Mudgil for sharing this great podcast interview with Gabe Lubin! For more episodes of The Dr. Mudgil Podcast, which shares stories that inspire and empower, visit his website


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