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Virtue RF –
The World’s First RF Microneedling Platform

Virtue RF Machine with seal for 2024 Good Housekeeping Best Beauty award winner

Virtue RF Handpieces

smart rf handpiece product shot

Smart RF

36-needle handpiece for comfortable treatment of face, hands, and decolleté

deep rf handpiece product shot

Deep RF

36-needle handpiece with cooling plate for tightening, smoothing, and advanced body treatments 

exact rf handpiece product shot

Exact RF

Single-needle handpiece to target around mouth, eyes and jawline with complete precision

RF Microneedling Device With Unmatched Versatility

VirtueRF combines radiofrequency (RF) energy and microneedling technologies to create micro-injuries in the skin and stimulate the natural healing process as collagen, elastin, and fibroblast activity all increase.

The world’s first RF microneedling platform, Virtue RF tightens and tones the body, sculpts the jawline, and rejuvinates skin—all while providing unparalleled results and comfort.

With the ability to add multiple handpieces, VirtueRF offers more versatility than other leading RF microneedling products. Designed to maximize patient efficacy, experience and results, it boasts advanced ergonomic, interface, safety, and treatment delivery features.

VirtueRF is manufactured by the global leader in RF microneedling technology, ShenB.

Why Offer RF Microneedling?

SmartRF Results Courtesy of Uptown Medical Aesthetics

SmartRF Results Courtesy of MediSkinPro

SmartRF Results Courtesy of Contour Mobile Aesthetics

SmartRF Results Courtesy of Skintuition Medical Aesthetics

ExactRF Results Courtesy of Erin Hennessey, DNP, ARNP

ExactRF Results Courtesy of Erin Hennessey, DNP, ARNP

DeepRF Results Courtesy of Jordan White, ACNP-S, BSN, RN, CFRN

DeepRF Results Courtesy of Laser Options by Jen

Individual results and treatments needed may vary.

RF microneedling is one of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments, as patients today expect results with limited to no downtime. 

VirtueRF offers the utmost precision and sophistication for both provider and patient, tackling a wide range of patient concerns including fine lines and wrinkles; scarring; body treatments; and precise applications for eyebags, festoons and buccal, jawline, and periorbital and submental areas.

With more power, pulse duration, and setting options than any other RF microneedling device, VirtueRF’s exclusive RF sub-pulse technology delivers high-energy treatments without sacrificing patient experience. 

More energy and versatile settings means more dramatic, tailored results that are evident immediately and only continue to improve with time as neocollagenesis occurs.

A key benefit of VirtueRF is the flawless skin and glow that patients receive. The pore size is minimized and the skin is brighter with improved texture and decreased laxity. VirtueRF is a win every single time.

— Leslie Apgar, MD

The DeepRF allows for deeper tissue remodeling using different energy wavelengths - all while maintaining patient comfort - and has been a game changer for my practice.

— Jordan White, ACNP-S, BSN, RN

VirtueRF represents a new class of RF Microneedling technologies that deliver exceptional results with no downtime and now with more versatility and revenue potential than ever before.

— Gabe Lubin, Cartessa Aesthetics Founder & CEO

I honestly suggest the Virtue to just about every person that walks through my door because it is, hands-down, incredible for everyone.

— Emily Frost, RN, LE, CLT

It doesn’t matter time of year or whether my patient is a light or darker skin type, VirtueRF is a treatment for everyone.

— Thomas Griffin, Jr., MD

The microneedling game has been changed.

— Renee Moran Aesthetics

Our VirtueRF Microneedling treatment allows us to give our clients the best possible canvas where we can then either stop with beautiful skin, tone & texture or build onto it.

— Ariya Aesthetics

VirtueRF is a faster treatment and we can put more energy in the patient more safely and more comfortably than previous devices.

— Thomas Griffin, Jr., MD

It was a priority to partner with Cartessa and add VirtueRF because it is the only RF Microneedling platform and we pride ourselves on always offering premium treatments to our patients.

— Alina Sholar, MD

As a provider, this device is incredibly comfortable to use because of its unique ergonomic design.

— Joshua Davis, RN, BSN

Key Benefits of Virtue RF

Best-in-Class Experience, Optimal Results

From robotic precision delivery (RPD) to the exclusive post-treatment protocol, the comfort, experience, and results your patients can expect from VirtueRF microneedling are unmatched

SmartRF and DeepRF 36 gold-coated needles deliver a controlled, smooth experience with exclusive robotic precision delivery (RPD). This feature prioritizes patient comfort while administering radiofrequency energy at the desired depth, adjustable into sub-pulses without diminishing total energy delivered to the skin. 

The reusable cooling plate further ensures patient comfort, available when delivering maximum energy to the body with DeepRF.

With the ExactRF handpiece, providers can do more to treat areas that demand absolute precision, such as the periorbital area, eyebags, festoons, as well as the buccal, jawline and submental regions.

Lastly, only VirtueRF pairs every treatment with the most innovative post-care, developed by leading skincare manufacturers to soothe skin and eliminate redness.


VirtueRF can address an exponential range of skin types, face, and body areas. 

FDA-cleared for use with 0.5MHz, 1MHz and 2MHz, it is the only device with RF sub-pulse technology—enabling providers to fine-tune energy distribution for the safest, most effective, tailored treatments for the full spectrum of skin pigments and conditions. Focus on preventative procedures to build collagen for younger patients, or target laxity and deeper wrinkles for aging individuals.

Simply put, more patients mean more revenue for your practice. VirtueRF’s world-class treatment options create a premier revenue opportunity for any aesthetic businesses.


SmartRF and DeepRF handpieces can be controlled via hand trigger or foot pedal and set to either manual or two available auto-modes, which cut treatment times by up to 30%. 

VirtueRF’s safety features prevent misfiring and contamination with on-screen tip configuration confirmation, RF identification codes embedded in all authorized tips, and tip cartridge covers.


This RF microneedling machine boasts elevated design details, including the three unique handpieces, a lower profile, longer cords and an ergonomic arm to distribute weight evenly for maximum comfort and mobility.

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Discover all the ways Virtue RF can help your practice grow.

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