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Cartessa Aesthetics Partners with Noon Aesthetics to Create Skincare Regimens to Complement Energy Based Device Treatments

MELVILLE, N.Y. | November 13, 2023 

Cartessa Aesthetics, a pioneer in the sourcing and distributing of aesthetic energy-based technology in North America, is proud to announce its partnership with Noon Aesthetics to bring to market two new skincare programs meant to be used before and after aesthetic treatments. This collaboration brings together two organizations with missions grounded in innovation, education and ensuring providers have the tools to deliver the best results and experiences for their patients.

The partnership also highlights the importance of comprehensive skincare in enhancing the outcomes and comfort of laser and energy-based treatments. The two co-branded kits, available exclusively from Cartessa Aesthetics, are called the 'Gear Up' and 'Accelerate' programs and are designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals undergoing cosmetic or medical procedures.

The Gear Up program focuses on preparing the skin in the days or weeks leading up to a procedure. It offers a tailored skincare regimen that nurtures the skin, ensuring it is in the best possible condition before treatment begins. This program is recommended to be paired with RF Microneedling, like the VirtueRF, and skin resurfacing procedures.

The Accelerate program is a specialized skincare regimen dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the skin following medical, surgical, or dermatological procedures, accelerating the healing process. Cartessa recommends this program following a treatment with TetraCO2 or Helix from their portfolio.

What sets these kits apart is their innovative use of patented DermShield™ Technology, which reduces neurogenic inflammation—diminishing discomfort such as burning, itching, swelling, and overall irritation. Skin-identical lipids (SIL) replenish and replace lost lipids and hydration during the treatment and healing process, while powerful antioxidants provide much-needed anti-inflammatory and cellular support for the skin. The skin regimens also incorporate patented Seanergy™ Technology, delivering steroid-like benefits without any negative side effects and growth factors that assist in the wound healing process, promoting faster recovery and improved results.

"So many of our customers are looking for the right skincare to complement the procedures they are performing with our devices," shares Gabe Lubin, founder and CEO of Cartessa. "Noon Aesthetics products are best-in-class, and we are thrilled to be collaborating with them to provide truly unique offerings that in the end, will further enhance the patient experience."

Masha Minkin, CTO of Noon Aesthetics, echoed this excitement. "Our co-branded kits represent the culmination of cutting-edge technology, scientific innovation, and a shared passion for patient care. Together, we are advancing the field of cosmetic and medical procedures, setting a new standard for pre- and post-treatment skincare."

Cartessa Aesthetics is NOON's exclusive aesthetic technology partner. Gear Up and Acceleration Kits are available only from Cartessa. To order, visit

About Cartessa Aesthetics:
Cartessa Aesthetics is a leading North American aesthetic company focused on cutting-edge technology and industry leading customer support. Thanks to an independent business model and established relationships with top global manufacturers, Cartessa's product portfolio offers true competitive advantages for practices and patients across every aesthetics category. Customers benefit from expertly vetted devices and end-to-end support to maximize the clinical outcomes and returns of their investment.

About Noon Aesthetics:
Noon Aesthetics is a pioneering force in skincare, focused on science-based, clinically-proven solutions that enhance the beauty and health of skin. The company's commitment to research and innovation ensures that their products deliver tangible results and improve the overall well-being of patients.

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