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Cartessa Aesthetics Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Italian Corporation, DEKA M.E.L.A., to Introduce Revolutionary Motus AX Technology to the U.S

The Motus AX promises the most efficacious, pain-free hair removal for the widest array of skin types. 

NEW YORK – January 23, 2018

Cartessa Aesthetics, a leading distributor of aesthetic medical devices for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, and medical spas, has signed an exclusive deal with Italian corporation DEKA M.E.L.A. to introduce a revolutionary laser hair removal device to the U.S. – the Motus AX.

The most efficacious laser for hair removal has historically been the 755nm Alexandrite laser. However, a risk to darker skin types has kept it from being the universal wavelength of choice. The Motus AX is the first, high-speed Alexandrite laser that makes it possible for even darker skin types to benefit from the effectiveness of the Alexandrite wavelength.

The technological breakthrough behind the Motus AX is the proprietary Moveo (Italian for move) technology, a handpiece with a cooled sapphire cylinder tip that reduces the energy loss to the skin making the transmission more efficient and effective. Hair removal with the Motus AX is virtually pain-free making it significantly more comfortable than standard methods. Lastly, it can treat larger areas quicker and more uniformly.

“The number of hair removal procedures performed each year is growing fast, but in my opinion, the technology has not evolved in line with the increasing demand,” shares Gabe Lubin, Cartessa Aesthetics Founder, and CEO. “Different wavelengths and devices have their own pros and cons. The Motus AX with Moveo technology is the culmination of all the pros without the cons.”

“Our partnership with DEKA, a worldwide leader in laser technology, is a perfect example of what Cartessa was founded to do – hand-select aesthetic technologies from around the globe that offer improved patient experiences and unique opportunities for practices in the U.S.”

DEKA, the manufacturer of the Motus AX, recognizes the opportunity to introduce this breakthrough to the U.S. market as well. “The U.S. is a lighthouse for other markets around the globe so a successful Motus AX launch is paramount,” says Dr. Mauro Galli, executive V.P. Global Sales of DEKA. “We chose Cartessa as our partner because they are a rising star in the U.S. aesthetic firmament and can best deliver our goals for the Motus AX – changing the hair removal game and generating greater profitability and ROI for physicians and medical spas.”

About Cartessa Aesthetics
Cartessa Aesthetics, LLC sources leading aesthetic medical devices for distribution to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, cosmetic physicians, and medical spas. Cartessa selects the most cutting-edge technologies that offer clinically proven efficacy, patient safety, and the best possible investment for patients and professionals. All products within Cartessa’s portfolio are FDA-cleared. For more information visit:

About DEKA M.E.L.A.
DEKA M.E.L.A. is a controlled company of the large multinational Italian group EL. EN. The company, which has more than three decades of laser experience, chose DEKA as its company name which means attainment of perfection and excellence, and is also “10” in Greek, the perfect number according to Pythagoras. The Florentine company is rooted in a culture that has made the excellence of thought its dominant feature. Due to its invaluable cultural heritage and unique historical background, DEKA encompasses into its vision a promise of universal value: to turn every scientific discovery into a concrete benefit for physicians and patients and to translate every technological innovation into ongoing improvements for the range of products and services it offers.

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