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Cartessa Rolls Out First Laser Lipolysis Device in Over a Decade

This month’s issue of Aesthetic Insights included a feature on the launch of LipoAI, the next generation of laser-assisted lipolysis and Cartessa’s first minimally invasive device. Aesthetic Insights also interviewed several plastic surgeon opinion leaders on their early feedback of LipoAI. Below is an excerpt; read the full article here.

The new LipoAI (Cartessa Aesthetics, Melville, N.Y.) laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL) device is a major technology advancement over previous generations. LipoAI, manufactured by DEKA (El.En. Group, Florence, Italy) and distributed in the U.S. by Cartessa Aesthetics, offers a shorter pulse duration to reach higher peak power and a higher frequency, yielding improved safety, more efficient delivery of energy, and faster treatment times. The AI in LipoAI refers to a unique treatment mode that employs predictive algorithms that adjust energy delivery in real time, resulting in improved accuracy and efficiency of energy distribution.

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