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Chronos, Cartessa's New Advanced Biologics Brand, Featured in Aesthetic Insights

Cartessa's foray into biologics and the exosome category in particular was featured in a recent issue of Aesthetic Insights. Below is an excerpt from New Regenerative Aesthetics Entrant Raises the Bar

Cartessa Aesthetics (Melville, N.Y.), which is known for marketing top energy-based aesthetic devices, has entered the regenerative aesthetics sector with EXO CR, the first innovation under their advanced biologics brand Chronos. “This range of post-treatment products makes a lot of sense in our portfolio of lasers and other energy-based technologies given how our devices work and Cartessa’s goal to continue to offer innovations that improve the patient experience,” noted Crystal Romano, the company’s President of Emerging Technologies.

“The most important piece of the puzzle was identifying the best source for EXO CR,” stated Ms. Romano. “There are many tissue sources in the current medical landscape, ranging from plant-based exosomes to those extracted from bone marrow and adipose tissues. Exosomes all play a role in cell-to-cell communication, but one needs to think about their role in that particular tissue type. We opted to use Wharton’s Jelly as the source, the gelatinous tissue found within the umbilical cord — the youngest tissue that is enriched with robust exosomes, growth factors and cytokines.”

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