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In a word – Revolutionary.

Revolutionary. This is the word you’ll associate most quickly with DenaVe, Cartessa Aesthetic’s fiber optic laser for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. Unlike other vascular lasers of the past, the DenaVe offers benefits to both the doctor and the patient that are second-to-none, and that are quickly making the DenaVe one of the most sought-after lasers on the market.


“Over the last 20 years, the gold-standard for vascular treatments has been the pulsed-dye laser,” Dr. Nazanin Saedi says. “But the pulsed-dye laser has its limitations, including side effects for the patient and predictability and maintenance issues for the practitioner.” Dr. Nazanin Saedi, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist specializing in dermatologic surgery and cosmetic dermatology in Philadelphia, noticed specific differences in using the DenaVe almost immediately:

“We are seeing excellent, durable results from well-tolerated treatments with The DenaVe.  The 585 nm wavelength is excellent for vasculature with less effect on the melanin. The device is easy to use and versatile making it a great addition to my practice and for my patients.”


The Pulsed-Dye Downsides

For over 20 years the 585nm pulsed dye has been the gold standard for vascular dermatological treatments. Unfortunately, these systems have come with some major downsides;  First a high cost of ownership.  Take, for example, a busy practice that is likely using one to three dye kits per year.  At $5,000 per kit plus weighty service contracts, annual operating costs can be $15,000 dollar or more per year.  Beyond the need to maintain the device, patients have a high risk of purpura, swelling and PIH in darker skin types.


With the introduction of the DenaVe, we can finally utilize the gold standard wavelength while saying good bye to these challenges.


A population poised to benefit

DenaVe is poised to offer a better patient experience for a significant population of patients impacted by redness and vascular lesions – including the more than 16 million Americans affected by rosacea.  According to an annual survey by American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), the two most common laser, light and energy-based procedures are for sun-damage and facial redness. The DenaVe is also an ideal treatment for hemangiomas, which affect children and 75% of the population over the age of 70, as well as port wine stains, an often difficult skin condition to treat.


DenaVe Resets the Standard

The DenaVe manufactured just for Cartessa, was designed with maximum efficacy in mind, for both patients and providers. Being considered the “ultimate pulsed dye” replacement by medical practitioners and aesthetic experts, the DenaVe not only offers more effective treatments for patients with rosacea, pigmented lesions, angiomas and vascular lesions, it is doing so with less side effects for the patient and lower cost and overhead for medical facilities.


“The DenaVe is a prime example of Cartessa’s commitment to sourcing not just those devices that out-perform clinically, but those that offer a better financial model for practices” states Gabe Lubin, Founder and CEO of Cartessa. “The DenaVe represents the future of vascular lasers.” 


The DenaVe delivers differently

It’s efficacy at its best. The DenaVe is the first compact laser to produce true 585nm in continuous or pulsed modes via a fiberoptic cable. TheDenaVe is able to deliver the ideal wavelength, fluences and pulse width to maximize vessel clearance.  By utilizing fiberoptic technology, known for its resiliency, there is no loss in efficacy over time – the 10,000th shot is just as strong as the 1st shot – and maintenance issues are eliminated.  Lastly, treatments are customizable based on the needs of the patient, by use of the advanced scanner design – the first ever in vascular technology – the EliteScan.


The EliteScan technology is one of the most impressive and unique features of this vascular all-star because it offers adjustable area size and selectable filling mode among other unique features. It is highly precise, eliminating unwanted heat to areas that are not being treated thus reducing unnecessary side effects and downtime.  With the EliteScan’s precision and effectiveness, patients are seeing better results in less time.


The DenaVe’s Better Business Model

ROI is the end goal for you and we understand this. Therefore, Cartessa chose the DenaVe design between it makes better sense for your bottom line.  The capital expense and the elimination of annual carrying costs makes the financial investment with DenaVe substantially lower than any other vascular device. 


“Having a high performing vascular laser is crucial to my practice. However, the high costs of maintenance made the KTP/YAG device financially difficult to justify” shares Dr. Thomas Griffin Jr., Dermatologist based in Plymouth Meeting, PA.  “With gold standard 585nm wavelength matched with a design aimed to eliminate service costs, Cartessa’s DenaVe has solved this problem for my practice. It has now replaced the KTP/YAG as my practice’s vascular laser.”


Sounds good, but I already have a vascular laser.

We hear this a lot from practices that may be hesitant to invest in a new vascular device.

 “I see the DenaVe being an advantageous investment for practices looking to upgrade from their pulsed dye-laser and do away with costly maintenance costs OR growing practices where a platform device is no longer giving patients the treatment specificity they need” says Lubin. “A platform laser makes a lot of sense for emerging practices that are looking to provide a number of different treatments with relatively little investment.  But if you are looking to build your business, one needs to have specialized products that can better meet patient needs and multiple devices to have in various treatment rooms to maximize efficiencies.”


Our team at Cartessa wants to understand your business and can help you assess if the DenaVe, or another product in our portfolio, makes sense.   Contact us to request a demo – we think you’ll be impressed with how much power this compact laser can pack in.

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