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LipoAI Featured in NewBeauty's "6 Trends to Know About From 2023’s Biggest Aesthetic Meeting"

In their roundup of the buzziest technologies & techniques at this year's Aesthetic Meeting, NewBeauty identified LipoAI as one of the six trends to know, dubbing it the "ChatGPT of Lipo." Below is the LipoAI excerpt from 6 Trends to Know About From 2023's Biggest Aesthetic Meeting, written by Tatiano Bido.

Both Pittsburgh, PA plastic surgeon Jeffrey Antimarino, MD and Grand Rapids, MI plastic surgeon Bradley Bengtson, MD said that the new LipoAI device is the future of liposculpture. LipoAI works by incorporating a predictive algorithm that adjusts with changes in temperature and energy. The liposuction cannula is able to interpret the surgeon’s movements to deliver the proper amount of energy to the tissue and adjust those levels in real-time. “It’ll take away a little more fat and the heat of the laser will shrink down the skin,” says Dr. Antimarino. “LipoAI is a good option for patients who may not want the scars associated with a brachioplasty or a thigh lift, but wants skin retraction along with fat reduction.

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