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CHRONOS EXO CR Featured in Allure's "Biggest Skincare Trends of 2024"

In their roundup of the biggest skincare trends of 2024, Allure highlighted exosome products, including Cartessa's Chronos ExoCR, as the buzzy treatment to watch. Below is an excerpt from These Will Be the Biggest Skin-Care Trends of 2024, written by Jessica Ourisman. 

Exosomes, neurocosmetics, and supercharged actives are the most innovative — and sometimes the most controversial — skin-care trends poised to revolutionize beauty in the new year.

Exosomes will be buzzy, and hugely controversial.

Exosomes, a kind of regenerative ingredient, are in fact a stem cell secretion, but they are also a buzzword on their own. 

Julie Russak, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, considers exosome injections to be the next generation of in-office treatments for making skin act younger.

"While I do think exosomes are the future [of skin care], they are human-derived and must be tested for viability, sterility, and cleared from containing viral particles," says Nancy Samolitis, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Los Angeles. The brand Cartessa gives customers dossiers that itemize the components of its perinatal-derived exosomes in its ExoCR serum.


With a commitment to traceability, purity and potency, EXO CR sets a new standard in regenerative aesthetics. EXO CR is thoroughly validated and tested to ensure safety and efficacy. Our testing program includes: donor screening, endotoxin & sterility tests, validation of particulates and exosomes, and a growth factor panel. Learn more about EXO CR. 

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