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Not all Tattoo Removal is Created Equal

Tattoos are becoming a more and more prevalent trend in our society. Over 1 in 3 people between the ages of 18-25 have at least one tattoo according to a published Pew Research Center study. With this rise in the number of younger people getting tattooed, it’s not surprising that the increase in demand to remove no longer wanted tattoos continues to rise. The expectation is that tattoo removal will grow 12.7% over the next 5 years.  A traditionally painful procedure, with risks of hypopigmentation, burns, and blisters – many are still hesitant to invest in erasing their ink.

In comes Discovery Pico.

The Discovery Pico, a product of Quanta System Aesthetic Division, is designed for the utmost precision, patient experience, and results; manufactured alongside the same lasers used to clean the Vatican, cut De Beers Diamonds, and shape parts for Ferrari. At Cartessa Aesthetics we pride ourselves in providing best-in-class technology, and we’ve found that with the Discovery Pico and our exclusive relationship with Quanta System Aesthetic Division.

So How Does it Work, and Why is It Different?

Power: The Discovery Pico is fast, powerful, and effective; results can be seen after just one treatment. Equipped with three true laser wavelengths (KTP, Ruby, Nd:Yag) and four emission modes, the Discovery Pico can treat tattoos of ALL COLORS (even the lightest greens and aquas) safely on all skin types. This is a big advantage.

With its short pulse durations and high peak power, the Discovery Pico generates a pure photo-acoustic effect that can shatter the deepest of skin pigments without damaging surrounding tissue. Not only does this benefit patients by decreasing surrounding thermal damage, this allows for a faster and effective way to remove tattoos on all skin types.  Simply put, a better patient experience for all with an increased likelihood to see a treatment series through.

But as much as we wish patient experience was the only determining factor when selecting new devices, we can’t ignore the what’s best for YOUR aesthetic business.

The Discovery Pico is not just a best-in-class tattoo removal machine. The three true lasers and emission modes on the Discovery series and the ability to add IPL, erbium, and fractionated handpiece allows your practice to effectively treat wrinkles, fine-lines, acne scars, vascular lesions, as well as unwanted hair. One device capable of providing numerous treatments is an efficient way to meet your patient demands without sacrificing treatment efficacy.

At the end of the day, we know that the largest contributing factor to what keeps patients returning to your practice is YOU! Receiving an effective, comfortable, treatment from a practitioner in which you trust is an invaluable experience. The Discovery Pico can help you advocate for a more enjoyable and worthwhile Tattoo Removal treatment for your patients.


Consider these best practices to Maximize ROI and Bring More Tattoo Removal Patients Through Your Practice doors

1.      Seeing is Believing

·        Social Media provides us with a unique opportunity to showcase our results. Sharing before and after photos with current and prospective patients is a great way to increase your practice’s Tattoo Removal treatments.

2.      Peer Reviews

·        Gathering patient testimonials is a great way to increase the number of Discovery Pico treatments performed in your practice. Encourage your patients to give reviews on sites like Real Self and offer testimonials for your website.

3.      Word of Mouth

·        Incorporating a patient reward system is an excellent way to encourage patients to refer a friend or family member for a Discovery Pico treatment. Cartessa customers can access preferred pricing with several reward platforms.

4.      Open House

·        Set time aside to allow prospective patients to come learn about Discovery Pico treatments. Often, a simple live Q&A can be beneficial to adding patients to your practice for both the treatment the event is for, and for pre-existing treatments.

5.      Educate Your Patients

·        In-office marketing pieces and your staff are key to uncovering what other treatments your patients may be interested in. An injectable patient may have a tattoo they have been thinking about removing but don’t know their options.

Interested in learning more about the Discovery Pico?

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Photo: Mariano Nocetti

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