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The Business of Numbing: Why traditional approaches could be costing you

Fear of needles, injections, or other procedure-related pain is the number one barrier for patients seeking aesthetic treatments, according to a global study. Gone are the days of no pain, no gain; aesthetic consumers are more knowledgeable than ever and have high expectations of their aesthetic journey both in terms of treatment outcomes and a...

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Top 5 Aesthetic Trends to Watch in 2022

Despite the pandemic, Americans are prioritizing health and wellness in 2022. Of all the resolutions set this year, two of the top three resolutions are to improve health and wellness holistically and to focus on self-care and body positivity.

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Sub-Z | A New Class of Electric Based Cryo-Technology

Cryotherapy, also known as cold therapy, has a long history of treating injuries and inflammation dating back to Egypt 2500 BC. Today, it likely plays a role in your aesthetic practice – and if it doesn’t, it should. You see, it’s not a matter if cryotherapy is the right complement to treatments in your practice, but which cold therapy device – or...

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