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Three Event Types to Consider Post-Quarantine

It is no secret that events play a critical role in relationship building, exposure for your practice and ultimately meeting your financial targets.  We have received a lot of questions about what social gatherings should look like post-quarantine and how to ensure patients turn out, everyone feels safe, and events produce the most “bang for your buck”. 

Here are Three Approaches to Consider without Sacrificing your Standards for Success:

  1. Host a Galleria Event- This type of event runs in small groups, by appointment only, where patients can preview your service.  This may extend the overall length of your event but will allow for the same number of people to attend with more personal attention. 
    1. Set aside a single day (or multiple) with blocks of 1 – 1.5 hour slots to invite 5 – 7 attendees at a time.  
    1. Use tools such as PlanHero and Eventbrite, to help you increase attendance and generate excitement
      1.  Makes it easy for attendees to select their slots. 
      1. Allows you to send text message reminders / and offer promotional offerings (with easy pay for patients) 
      1. See example here 
    1. Identify cohesive event offerings and focus on combo treatments if possible
    1. Consider an attractive ‘giveaway’ to ensure attendance
    1. Make it clear what ‘process’ the attendees will need to take prior to / upon arrival
      1. (see example here)
  • Host an Exclusive Event for VIP Customers – who doesn’t love some special attention!
    • Offer an event exclusively for your VIP customers
      • This can keep crowds to a minimum while showing those loyal patients that you are ready for their return
    • Rather than a single ‘day’ and/or appointment for an event, you might consider offering a 2 week or 30-day program for your customers and prospects.  
      • Consider highlighting a different service / treatment each week
      • Utilize social media feeds to effectively run this and make sure to invite those to share the details with friends and family members 
      • Create excitement with an additional ‘giveaway,’ and don’t forget to inquire with your vendors / partners to contribute if at all possible, to help with the budget. 
    •  Send Invitations via mail or call them personally- they are VIP afterall!
    • Tailor these invites to each patient’s skincare needs
      • I.e. if a patient came in to see you for an acne treatment, mention the treatment and additional interests to them in the invite, and how they can benefit from attending your event
  •  Host an ‘Extended Virtual Event with After Hours Consults’ – Often patients love events because they provide an after-hours option.  Of course, evening hours can be incorporated into the two options above but consider a virtual option as well.
    • Allow your patients that are balancing busier schedules an opportunity to connect with you about their skincare concerns outside of normal business hours.
      • Continue this event over the course of a week / weekend, to allow potentially ‘working’ patients to determine the best time for their consult. 
      • Implement plan hero (or something similar) to sign up for a specific spot, easily online. Code our booking software for specific consult times. 

A great example is what DermaCare of Hampton Roads is doing.  They have designated the month of June 2020 as a Virtual Open House and has be effective in using social media to get the word out CLICK HERE to see.  During which time they have already promoted at home skincare regimens, laser hair removal, botox bonus – buy 40 get 10  – and more.

In addition to this, Leon Garber, CEO of DermaCare HR went one step further.  “During the month of June we want everyone to enjoy all that we have to offer, so we’re offering membership pricing to everyone, no questions asked.”  Although it’s only the middle of the month, and things are slow to re-open, Leon has noted that “patients, both existing and new, have appreciated the offerings and started to pre-book treatments with excitement.”

Although there are new challenges in this new “normal”, patients are eager to come into your practice and to resume their normal skincare treatments.  Get creative! Feel free to reach out to your Cartessa Practice Development consultant to discuss any of your event needs.

For more information on new PPE and disinfection solutions and to learn more about our portfolio of aesthetic technologies, contact us today.

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