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Virtue RF Featured in Poosh

Dr. Behrooz Torkian recently spoke with Poosh about how radiofrequency microneedling works on the skin and why VirtueRF is the most versatile RF microneedling device to date. Below is an excerpt from What Is Radiofrequency For The Skin, And Is It For Everyone?, written by Poosh. 

“Virtue RF is a device that introduces the radio frequency energy into the skin using small needles,” Dr. Torkian continues. 

“It is by far the most versatile aesthetic radio frequency device to date. It offers multiple parameters that can be customized to the patient’s needs for safe and effective treatment of all skin types.”

Varying needle depths allow the frequency to remain steady instead of the typical practice of reducing strength to avoid burning the skin. With this method, the provider can allow for some fat removal where necessary to achieve the desired results.

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