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NewBeauty Breaks Down What Makes CoolPeel Revolutionary

CoolPeel was recently featured on NewBeauty as the treatment doctors are calling “revolutionary” and their “favorite.” Below is an excerpt from Why Experts Are Excited About This New Damage-Reversing Laser Peel, written by Tatiana Bido.

When it comes to laser treatments, typically skin-care experts will recommend a stronger ablative treatment for harder to concerns and nonablative ones that promise less downtime. The difference is that ablative treatments remove the top layer of skin while nonablative lasers heat the underlying tissues without touching the surface. The end goal is the same—producing new collagen—but how you get there can vary.

A new CO2 laser treatment called CoolPeel is making the choice a little easier, say the aesthetic experts we spoke to. According to these doctors, this treatment allows them to deliver smooth, even skin without the huge undertaking of other ablative lasers.

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