Bridal Beauty and What It Could Mean for Your Practice

It’s been said that there are certain events in a woman’s life where budget takes a backseat. Of course, it comes as no surprise that her wedding day tops that list AND how she looks on that day takes top priority. What is your practice doing to ensure these beauty-seeking brides are choosing you as their partner in getting her skin “walk down the aisle” worthy? We have some ideas.

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In a word – Revolutionary.

Revolutionary. This is the word you’ll associate most quickly with DenaVe, Cartessa Aesthetic’s fiber optic laser for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. Unlike other vascular lasers of the past, the DenaVe offers benefits to both the doctor and the patient that are second-to-none, and that are quickly making the DenaVe one of the most sought-after lasers on the market.

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Finally, Something to Talk about in Laser Hair Removal

In the world of aesthetics, the popularity of laser hair removal is nothing new.  It ranks as one of the top four energy-based procedures performed by dermatologists will likely continue to grow double digits. Shockingly, however, there have been very few true advancements in the area of laser hair removal, even with the high patient demand.  This is why Cartessa sought out what technologies were changing the game in other markets…and we are now bringing a fresh, never-before-seen approach to how you offer your patients their laser hair removal treatments.

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Jill Later
Why is Microneedling So Hot Right Now?

It was just two years ago when Vogue first touted microneedling as the next best thing in skincare.  Despite its crude beginnings, the beauty-forward publication pointed out that the idea of creating tiny holes in the skin to stimulate collagen growth was nothing new.   However, with advancements in technology microneedling was establishing itself as the anti-aging go-to treatment.

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