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Addressing All Your Patient’s Concerns in One Treatment

Too often we find ourselves encountering the same patient- the late 30’s to 40-year-old that has just noticed the early signs of aging. This patient is usually active and spends a lot of time in the sun (if not now, then in the past). So, collagen is on the decline along with overall skin elasticity because of age, they present with accumulated sun damage, pigment, even vascularity.

Now they want a “fix”.

Your mind goes to a series of treatments with different modalities. You may have the technology…but does your patient have the time? Are they willing to miss a few days of work and social outings for results? Better question – are they committed to returning to your practice again, and again, to achieve an outcome? Probably not. So… where do you start?

What if we told you that there was one treatment that could address all of your patient’s concerns? One 30-minute treatment that addresses unwanted pigment and vascularity while also improving collagen production both deeply and superficially.  You’re probably thinking this sounds too good to be true.

Introducing Elluminate. The Elluminate aesthetic treatment works to address a multitude of skin concerns all with one device and one session. The Elluminate treatment is performed exclusively by the EVO Light Series laser. The EVO Series, coined the “Ferrari” of lasers, is manufactured by Italian-based Quanta System – a global leader not only in aesthetic technology, but also entrusted with perfecting luxury brands like Ferrari and DeBeers diamonds. 

The EVO Light laser is uniquely equipped to deliver a combination of skin benefits because of the wavelengths present in the device – 532nm, 755nm, 1064nm, and 2940nm.  Elluminate combines these true laser wavelengths to address concerns of pigment, unwanted vascularity, pore size, skin texture and fine lines and wrinkles. Highly effective on their own to target a single concern, Elluminate illustrates the magic when these wavelengths are combined in subsequent passes to target blood, melanin and water at various depths. 

First, the Elluminate heats the deeper layers of the skin- stimulating collagen production that are the building blocks of healthy and younger looking skin. Next, pigment and vascularity are minimized both deeply and superficially. The treatment ends with a superficial texture blend that smooths and brightens- quite literally improving the light reflection from the skin and leaving it illuminated.

Courtesy of Cartessa Aesthetics | 40 y/o Windsurfer, post 1 Elluminate treatment

An Elluminate treatment takes about 30 minutes and requires no numbing. Patients may experience some redness and ‘crusting’ but there is no social downtime so individuals can immediately return to their busy schedules post treatment. And what’s more, the EVO light is a best-in-class platform device which means you have the ability to offer cornerstone treatments, add handpieces and possibly replace older units with lofty service contracts taking up space.

Today’s trend is all about combination treatments.  At Cartessa we work to exploit the potential of our technologies alone and in-tandem and while we LOVE the ‘Ultimate Duo’ of VirtueRF plus CoolPeel and other multi-device protocols, we love that it only takes one device to provide the amazing results of the Elluminate treatment.

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