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Addressing All Your Patient’s Concerns in One Treatment

Too often we find ourselves encountering the same patient- the late 30’s to 40-year-old that has just noticed the early signs of aging. This patient is usually active and spends a lot of time in the sun (if not now, then in the past). So, collagen is on the decline along with overall skin elasticity because of age, they present with accumulated...

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Post-Summer Laser Treatments to Fall in Love with

With summer long gone, now is when we all take notice of the sun’s toll on the skin. Pigmentation, fine lines, and dehydrated skin is the fall trend that no one is looking to sport. So how can you “erase” the sins of summer? These next-level, no-downtime treatments have patients raving and falling back in love with their skin.

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Platform Devices that Will Change Your Practice

In these uncertain times, many aesthetic practices are looking to make smart business decisions that will improve their overall practice performance. Offering new services has been proven to attract new patients and can increase overall practice revenue. But how does one do this without breaking the bank? Platform devices. Provide your patients...

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Are you ready for the EVO-lution…

Our recent partnership with Quanta System, the global leader in the development and manufacturing of premium laser technology for surgery, aesthetics, and art conservation, gives Cartessa more than just exclusive distributor rights to Quanta’s laser technology.

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Italian Laser Manufacturer Quanta System Aesthetic Division SpA signs Exclusive U.S. Distribution Agreement with Cartessa Aesthetics

December 3, 2018- New York, NY- Quanta System Aesthetic Division announced today an exclusive distribution agreement with Cartessa Aesthetics, an emerging leader in the distribution and marketing of cutting-edge aesthetic devices in the US. Since inception in early 2017, Cartessa has experienced rapid growth, projecting $20MM in sales for 2018....

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