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Post-Summer Laser Treatments to Fall in Love with

With summer long gone, now is when we all take notice of the sun’s toll on the skin.  Pigmentation, fine lines, and dehydrated skin is the fall trend that no one is looking to sport.  So how can you “erase” the sins of summer? These next-level, no-downtime treatments have patients raving and falling back in love with their skin.

CoolPeel –

This revolutionary CO2 treatment does wonders for those looking to rid their skin of unwanted sunspots and pigment. The CoolPeel takes the tried and true CO2 treatment to the next level by offering a nearly pain-free patient experience with little to no downtime. What once was a treatment that would leave patients “tomato-faced” for weeks has become a lunch time procedure with a slight pink after glow because of the unique pulse control of the Tetra CO2.  Only the Tetra CO2 can deliver an ablative treatment without the lingering heat that leads to the downtime. Much buzz has been made about the CoolPeel treatment.  Violet Grey  featured the CoolPeel as a post-summer must. “The most obvious difference was a new evenness, especially across my cheeks and around my nose. I did notice an overall tightness, especially around the mouth, but the biggest takeaway and reason to do it would be for a seasonal refresh and skin boost without dramatic downtime…My skin is much brighter, with what looks like better circulation.”


Looking to go a little deeper? The Elluminate treatment works to address both superficial and deep pigmentation and vascularity. One treatment targets the “reds”, “browns” and skin texture but combining four tried and true wavelengths and results are impressive.   There is no downtime, and many patients are undergoing this groundbreaking treatment with no numbing! The Elluminate is performed by the EVO Light Series, a laser produced by world renowned aesthetic manufacturer – Quanta System. Only the EVO can be configured to include all the necessary lasers that go into an Elluminate treatment and is manufactured by the same company called on to shape DeBeers Diamonds.  No wonder skin is left “sparkling”

These treatments will surely help “erase” the sins of summer from your skin and are a great way to bring patients back to continue or begin an effective regimen. The best part – CoolPeel and Elluminate can be combined with other laser applications to create the perfect package for each patient and optimize every trip to your office.

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