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Cartessa Makes Foray Into Minimally Invasive Aesthetics Market With LipoAI

MELVILLE, N.Y. (PRWEB) | October 25, 2022

Cartessa Aesthetics has built a reputation for identifying and marketing state-of-the-art non-invasive aesthetic technology since inception. Working closely with the leading global manufacturers, Cartessa looks for devices that offer a true benefit to providers and patients in the most high-demand treatment categories. The latest addition to their portfolio, LipoAI, represents the company’s move into the minimally invasive space. Introduced to an exclusive audience of current customers at their user forum in Scottsdale, Arizona last week, LipoAI offers a new, technologically superior, safe and minimally invasive adjunct to traditional liposuction to meet their patients’ body contouring needs. Cartessa is working closely with DEKA, the Italian manufacturer who brought the first generation of laser-assisted lipolysis (LAL) to market, to bring the newest advanced LAL technology into the aesthetic field in the form of LipoAI.

Utilizing 1444nm wavelength, the gold standard for fat and water absorption, LipoAI offers a shorter pulse duration to reach higher peak power and a higher frequency than previous generations; these advancements make LipoAI a faster, more controlled and more energy efficient device. LipoAI also boasts an exclusive AI Mode, which uses predictive algorithms to facilitate bi-communication between the provider and the device, adjusting energy delivery in real time to improve accuracy, safety and efficiency of energy distribution.

For nearly a decade, DEKA conducted extensive research in collaboration with leading Italian universities to analyze thousands of data points balancing the multiple variables such as laser energy, dosimetry, absorption coefficients and real-time temperature behavior. The result is AI Mode, a sophisticated, predictive algorithm that allows LipoAI to adapt to the provider’s technique, adjusting energy delivery intelligently and automatically.

“LipoAI delivers the energy much faster and more efficiently than previous technologies, and patients are more comfortable post-operatively,” said cosmetic surgeon Carey Nease, MD. “I have seen no issues with post-op numbness or hypersensitivity in the areas treated like other energy-based skin tightening devices.”

Cartessa is known for bringing cutting-edge technology from around the globe in every aesthetic category to the best aesthetic providers in North America. With leading products in major categories including RF microneedlingCO2, and laser hair removal, Cartessa is excited to introduce innovation in a category that marks the company’s first foray into minimally invasive procedures. The Aesthetic Society 2021 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank cites liposuction as the #1 surgical procedure performed. As a hugely popular procedure, with several limitations such as little to no skin retraction, extensive downtime, trauma to the surgeon and patient, and blood loss, LipoAI improves upon the previous generations of laser-assisted lipolysis to address a clear need in the marketplace.

“Not only is LipoAI a more powerful and intelligent device,” shared Gabe Lubin, Founder and CEO of Cartessa, “but LipoAI also produces a better patient experience: less bruising, minimal pain and less recovery time compared to other methods of liposuction, making the device a welcomed advancement for providers and their patients alike.”

LipoAI is available for U.S. providers with liposuction experience and is exclusive to Cartessa Aesthetics.

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