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Cartessa Partners with AnteAGE MD® to Upgrade Solutions for its Skinwave System

MELVILLE, N.Y. (PRWEB) | November 16, 2022 

Cartessa Aesthetics launched Skinwave, a multi-dimensional aqua-delivery system, in 2019 to aesthetic providers. The device featured three exclusive solutions, a unique hydrogen therapy step, and additional handpieces that elevated the overall aesthetic experience. Always working to improve upon their offerings, Cartessa is excited to announce new solutions formulated by AnteAGE MD®, exclusively for the Skinwave device.

AnteAGE MD, a leader in medical grade skincare, carefully crafted three new solutions to provide maximum impact on the skin through exfoliation, decongestion, hydration and restoration. Vice President of Products for AnteAGE MD® shared more about the carefully selected ingredients; “We worked hand in hand with Cartessa’s clinical and product team to select those actives that would be most complementary to their system. The solutions boast novel botanicals, enzymes, ceramides and lipids and to leave the skin with an ethereal glow.”

The new solutions further elevate the overall Skinwave experience which also includes unique steps like hydrogen therapy, electroporation with LED, and a lymphatic massage handpiece and provides a better financial model for providers.

When asked about the partnership between AnteAGE MD® and Cartessa, leaders of both organizations recognized the shared focus on efficacy and patient experience. “Innovative product development and education are values at Cartessa which mirror our own at AnteAGE®,” shared Ian Sanderson, President of AnteAGE®. Likewise, Gabe Lubin, Founder & CEO of Cartessa, recognizes the invaluable expertise the AnteAGE MD® team brought to maximizing the new Skinwave solutions. “Our business model allows us to partner with the best in the industry – from aesthetic technology manufacturers to skincare companies like AnteAGE ® that understand the science of skin and how to combine novel, quality ingredients that deliver results.”

The new solutions are now available to all Skinwave owners to order on the Cartessa store. To learn more about Skinwave and details about the new solutions, visit or reach out to your local Cartessa Aesthetics representative.

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