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Light EVO: Versatility, Utility, Expandability and Profitability

Read about the Light Evo platform laser (by Quanta Systems) in The Aesthetic Guide. Below is an excerpt; read the full story here, written by Kevin A. Wilson, Contributing Editor.

The Light EVO laser plus IPL platform from Quanta System (Milan, Italy) puts potential into the hands of practitioners eager to provide a plethora of comfortable, customizable, commonly-sought dermatologic and aesthetic therapies. Users can harness the convenience and versatility of Light EVO to craft their own proprietary therapies, or start with the unique ELLUMINATE treatment to give patients results that keep them coming back for more – without costly consumables.

“This will address all the bread-and-butter therapies in your aesthetic practice without compromising on quality,” said dermatologist Jordana Herschthal, MD of The Herschthal Practice Aesthetic Dermatology (Boca Raton, Fla.). “It is a slam dunk for virtually anyone whether you are a veteran streamlining multiple practice locations, or trying to establish yourself and looking to maximize your capabilities with minimal overhead, because the quality is there without the need for consumables.”

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