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Subnovii: We Breakdown the Best Plasma Device

If you have been keeping up with the latest aesthetic trends, chances are you’ve heard about plasma. Perhaps you’ve seen the horrific patterns and effects that some devices leave behind. For too long plasma devices have been unreliable, unregulated, and too accessible to those without the skill set to properly treat patients.  Treating someone with a plasma pen is a medical procedure NOT a cosmetic service. Therefore, providers should have the most advanced and safest technology on the market today.  Enter Subnovii – the FDA cleared plasma device which is changing the game for patients and providers alike.   

Below we break down plasma technology and why the Subnovii is best-in-class. 

What Is Plasma? 

Plasma is a positively charged ionized gas that can conduct electricity and enable electrostatic interactions. When used in aesthetics, about 1mm away from the skin, oxygen and nitrogen are mixed to emit an arch of plasma which discharges onto the skin. The plasma heats the epidermal tissue thus stimulating fibroblast growth factors and the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.  

What is Subnovii? 

Distributed by Cartessa Aesthetics, Subnovii, is an FDA cleared plasma technology and is the first plasma device to use LF+ technology (low frequency + a patented wavelength and power combination). “The difference lies within the energy delivery to the tissue”, shared Vice President of Emerging Technology at Cartessa, Crystal Romano. “Whereas high frequency and low frequency devices are a single sine wave of energy, Subnovii uses a modulated patterned dual pulse. This is what makes Subnovii superior.  The dual pulse makes it possible to gently, yet effectively, vaporize the epidermis while dissipating heat down to the basal membrane into the upper dermis stimulating fibroblasts, collagen, and elastin. Because of this exclusive modulated, patterned, dual pulse, Subnovii delivers highly effective, safe, more precise and reproduceable results.  Subnovii does not over-heat the dermis, nor does it lose its heat at the epidermis like many high frequency devices on the market today.” 

Subnovii’s LF+ technology provides unmatched user precision and control. To demonstrate its gentle heating, the video below shows Subnovii delivering heat to an egg yolk without breaking the fragile membrane. This translates to less healing time for patients and more predictable outcomes.  A traditional plasma pen lacks this control and treatment reproducibility. 

Does it matter to your patients? 

Subnovii is changing what the industry thinks of as plasma pens and improving patient’s experiences. Compared to other devices, Subnovii is the NASA of plasma technologies – literally it is manufactured with the same fiberglass strengthened aluminum and plastic used by NASA. With other plasma pens and fibroblast technologies, there has been very little testing and no real way to determine results and length of downtime. Lastly, these traditional single wave plasma and fibroblast pens are widely distributed and have minimal to no FDA regulation.  This has led to patient dissatisfaction, negative treatment reviews and widespread misinformation.  Take PlasmaPen on for instance that has a “worth-it” rating of 51%.   

Subnovii is in another class. It is FDA cleared and was developed and tested extensively over six years.  Subnovii distribution is also closely managed.  Every provider receives the necessary training from Cartessa’s clinical team and each treatment is paired with an exclusive post-care kit to maximize healing.  

“After one Subnovii treatment, my patients are seeing results. I have yet to do another treatment on any of the patients I have treated so far.”” says dermatologist Dr. Jordana Herschthal.  

Patients can be confident that the best technology and leading aesthetic company are behind every Subnovii treatment and their experience will be different. 

Does it matter to you practice? 

Subnovii makes it possible to target typically difficult to treat areas like around the eyes and mouth.  In combination with other aesthetic procedures or on its own, patients are seeing results and experiencing comparatively less downtime because of the controlled application – and paying for these benefits. Treatments are fast, consumable costs are low, and practices are reporting a return-on-investment in as few as thirty days.  Cartessa provides marketing support, protocols to combine Subnovii with top trending treatments like VirtueRF Microneedling and CoolPeel and easy, online experience kit ordering.  Your practice and your patients will reap the benefits of investing in a prestige plasma device like Subnovii. 

Give yourself a chance to understand the Subnovii difference before adding plasma to your practice. Contact a Cartessa Agent today! 


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