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PHYSIQ 360 Featured in Aesthetic Insights

This month's issue of Aesthetic Insights included a feature on the launch of PHYSIQ 360, a new generation of the award-winning PHYSIQ body device. Aesthetic Insights profiled the new technological advancements of PHYSIQ 360, as well as the collaborative process between Cartessa and DEKA. Below is an excerpt from Advanced Body Contouring Device Targets Fat and Stimulates Muscle.

The newly launched PHYSIQ 360 (Cartessa Aesthetics, Melville, N.Y.) is a multifunction body contouring system that selectively targets fat and stimulates muscle. This major upgrade of the company’s first-generation PHYSIQ system integrates enhanced Sequential Thermal and Electrical Pulsing (STEP) with first of its kind PURE BEAM Technology for deep, uniform heat distribution and targeted fat reduction. PHYSIQ 360 also offers strong electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) from the four independently programmable applicators that can deliver EMS, laser, and STEP modalities simultaneously to multiple body areas in one session. These features allow users to customize and adjust treatments for different body types, target areas and muscle groups, optimizing energy delivery and treatment efficacy. For the increasing number of patients using semaglutide and medications, PHYSIQ 360’s ability to address changes in body composition, such as stubborn fat pockets and muscle during various phases of weight loss, makes it a very timely introduction into the marketplace.

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