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The Number One Thing Patients are Looking for in 2019

New year, new aesthetic trends right? Well, it looks like many of those treatments in high demand in 2018 will continue into 2019.  Why? Because patients are still in pursuit of one main thing, “instant gratification”.

Real Self’s recently published 2018 Aesthetics trend report and 2019 Aesthetic watch list noted that consumer interest in minimally invasive cosmetic treatments outpaced interest in surgical treatments last year. The growth reflects the rising interest in treatment options that deliver results with little downtime, leaving little doubt that the demand will only continue into 2019.   While injectables remain a constant favorite, treatments like microneedling, that improve skin conditions such as acne scars and skin discoloration, were on their 2018 top ten list.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures has grown nearly 200 percent since 2000, with no indication of slowing down.” They add, “The quick bounce back into a normal routine post-procedure has caught the attention of those who are reluctant to admit getting a procedure, or don’t want to deal with the downtime.”

What’s fueling these trends? Our increasingly busy and socially driven lifestyles. We live in a fast-paced world, where schedules are overbooked, multitasking is the norm, and wanting things on-demand is more commonplace than not. Then there is the ever-important “selfie,” another catalyst in the quest for instant gratification. Social media waits for no one, and that means flawless selfie-worthy posts are more of a necessity than we might even realize.

A recent article in beauty bible Allure focused on plastic surgery trends for 2019 and cited that the selfie-obsessed culture has never been stronger. Many patients are also no-longer afraid to talk about their treatments on social media, boasting that they are “in the know” and have access to the same cutting-edge treatments that celebrities are flocking to.

In order to keep up with this demand, it is essential to offer patients aesthetic treatments that fit into their lives, improve their skin and allow them to post the ever-popular before and after image.  As an independent player, Cartessa works with the leading aesthetic manufacturers worldwide and hand-selects those laser technologies that offer real results without the “downtime trade-off”.

Here are Cartessa’s top choices for filling your patient’s “fix” in 2019:


Being considered the “ultimate pulsed dye” replacement by medical practitioners and aesthetic experts, the DenaVe not only offers more effective treatments for patients with rosacea, pigmented lesions, angiomas, and vascular lesions, it is doing so with fewer side effects for the patient.

The EliteScan technology is one of the most impressive and unique features of this vascular all-star because it offers adjustable area size and selectable filling modes among other unique features. It is highly precise, eliminating unwanted heat to surrounding areas thus reducing unnecessary side effects and downtime.  With the EliteScan’s precision and effectiveness, patients are seeing better results in less time.  Before and after photos on Instagram are evidence that in one treatment, unwanted vessels and redness disappear.


Considered in the past as “TMI”, the symptoms impacting over 70% of women’s quality-of-life are now dinner-table conversations as are the aesthetic lasers to treat them.   What set’s the V-Lase apart from other lasers for female wellness is that it is the only “non-ablative” CO2 available.  Before treatment, patients are not required to shave or prep the area in any way.  The treatment itself is painless and takes 15 minutes, while the non-ablative nature eliminates post-procedural healing. There is no discharge, risk of infection, or bruising so that patients can immediately resume their daily activities with absolutely no downtime.

How’s that for a “quick fix”?!

The experience you give your patients in 2019 is the one they will share with their friends and family. The better, easier, and more quickly it meets their needs, the more likely you are to retain patients and acquire new ones. For more questions on Cartessa Aesthetic’s full line of products or to set up a demo in your office, contact us today!

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