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Women’s Wellness: More than just skincare

If 2018 had a theme, it would certainly be self-care. The buzzword of the year even earned itself a “national day” on the calendar, an ever-popular hashtag on social media, and even an entire month dedicated to the art of indulging in self-care, as we’ve moved deeper and deeper into the “treat yourself culture”.

Not surprising, with this increased attention to bettering ones full-self, women are looking for ways to look and feel better including addressing symptoms that may impact their intimate and social lives as they age.  Over 70% of women will experience changes that impairs their quality of life.

When it comes to aesthetics, Cartessa Aesthetics knows that self-care extends further than just the face, and in 2019, the conversation around female wellness and restoring one’s quality of life will only intensify.

Cartessa values the importance of being able to offer treatments with the best possible efficacy and patient experience. The V-lase offers these things along with a better business model for practices. Here’s why.

The V-lase Difference

The V-Lase sets itself apart from other CO2 devices as it is the only “non-ablative” CO2 available.  Therefore V-lase combines two ideal modalities – gold-standard CO2 laser technology for tissue rejuvenation and non-ablative delivery that optimizes safety and comfort.

According to Dr. Jordana Herschthal, a Boca Raton-based, board-certified dermatologist, “In my practice, women who are experiencing symptoms of dryness and incontinence are requesting V-lase treatments. These women tend to fall into the 50+ range, but I have younger women in their 30’s and 40’s who are looking to alleviate issues – – especially after having children,” Dr. Herschthal adds.

Changes in a woman’s vaginal environment not only occur post-menopause but after childbirth which has swung the doors open to a younger demographic of women who are open to aesthetic laser treatments, Dr. Herschthal points out.  Post-childbirth issues may not be as widely-discussed as postpartum stretch marks or rosacea, but are equally as troubling for any woman dealing with them – which begs the question, are you offering the women in your practice a way to target their most intimate self-care issues?

How the V-lase works

The V-lase employs a specially designed hygienic probe with a ninety degree reflect mirror that is inserted and then rotated 360 degrees in 8 increments to completely cover the entire cavity mucosa with deep, non-ablative photothermal laser radiation.  The process is repeated as the handpiece is extracted allowing the practitioner to treat the entire area in less than 15 minutes.

The gentle and controlled heat from the laser beam creates mild thermal damage to the tissue which stimulates collagen production and improves elasticity. Tissue is thicker, tighter and more pliable over time. In addition, new superficial blood vessels are also produced which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissue. With the health of the tissue reinvigorated and cellular matrix stronger, many symptoms can be alleviated

The unmatched V-Lase patient experience

V-Lase is the only “non-ablative” CO2 which offers benefits to the patient before, during and after treatment.  Before treatment, patients are not required to share or prep the area in any way.  The treatment itself is fast and painless and the non-ablative nature eliminates post-

procedural healing. There is no discharge, risk of infection or bruising so patients can immediately resume their daily activities with absolutely no downtime – which, let’s face it, is important given the lives we lead.

Dr. Monte Slater, a Board-Certified OBGYN with over of 30-years medical experience, also relies on the V-Lase in his practice.  “This is the ideal treatment available today for feminine health issues,” Dr. Slater says.

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We are seeing many patients with a history of cancer who are looking to restore feminine wellness needs.  Others experience leakage during exercise or worse-yet, have resorted to wearing a diaper or avoiding intimacy entirely.  In just 15 minutes, we can alleviate symptoms, increase lubrication and shrink and soften the labia– all with no disposables.”

Practice Benefits and ROI:

As Dr. Slater alludes to, treatment with the V-Lase is just 15-minutes which means their practice can book more patients and efficiently utilize treatment room space. A gentle-heat setting and an autoclave probe means there is no need for ultrasound gel or consumables of any kind, saving you and your practice time and money.

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