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The Wow-Factor Cool Peel Just Got… COOLER

By Virgilia Virjoghe for Hedonist Magazine

The idea of looking youthful and fabulous is not new: after all Cleopatra was known to bathe in milk and use carmine on her lips to get that perfect shade of red. The times we live in didn’t change the aspirational desire for beauty. Even more so the access to fast information via media platforms continuously enhances our curiosity. The abundance of cutting-edge technologies makes the selection confusing: what doctor do I chose, what procedure, how much am I willing to pay?

When it comes to my well-being and appearance, I never compromise nor should you: choose the best to be your best! This year for my birthday I chose self-care over a pair of fancy shoes or the latest handbag: I chose me: creating the best version of myself at the chic-est place in New York City: the bespoke aesthetic health and wellness center PFRANKMD. And let me tell you: the whole cool peel experience felt oh well!… so Vogue! A 360° consumer-centric, editorial-worth approach. With all the details in place: branded mini chocolates and water included!

I chose Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank because he is a leader in his field and a perfectionist. The dapper-looking doctor with movie star looks and impeccable fashion sense is a great testimonial of his own work: looking decades younger than his age in a subdued, natural way. His posh practice on the Upper East Side attracts celebrities, socialites, beauty influencers …and wait!  In 2020 the edgy brand is expanding Downtown with a 4,000 square foot new location in the heart of the West Village designed by the renowned firm Gachot Studios. Are you excited yet? Because I am getting ready to add the icing on the cake: my 5 star-journey with the cool peel.

Dr. Frank’s lobby looks like a movie set. Gorgeous flower arrangements and a calming aquarium are complementing beautifully the famous paparazzi photograph. Shortly after my arrival Dr. Frank’s stunning sister looking like she just stepped out of a Dolce & Gabbana ad is greeting me. In charge of creative direction and operations since the inception of the brand, Ann Frank continues to be the heart of the practice and Dr. Frank’s best-kept secret. Well, obviously no longer!

Olivia, the marketing manager is expertly taking my before-photos and then I am being led to my treatment room for my cool peel. Christina, a flawless-looking physician assistant is explaining in detail the procedure: In Dr. Franks’s words: “The cool peel is the Clear + Brilliant of CO2 lasers who got a big upgrade in the last couple of years. The ablative laser resurfacing is back with new-wave forms of technologies and wavelengths of light that reduce fine lines, pigmentation, and wrinkles with a procedure that requires just one-three days of recovery”. Talking about innovation!

Naturally, I am a bit nervous: I never had anything done to my face prior to this except Botox and regular facials. After 15 minutes I feel like I had an intense sunburn which is of course expected. Two mini chocolates and a layer of Aquaphor later and I am already feeling better! Prior to my departure, I am being reminded to take photos every day without makeup on to track down the healing process.

The next day the redness subdues. I decided to avoid makeup altogether because I wanted my skin to heal faster. On my third day the redness is almost gone and at the coffee break my girlfriends remark that “I look like I’m in my ‘20’s.” Not too bad, isn’t it? During the next four-five days the skin is clearing up and there is a light peel associated with it. I am becoming increasingly aware of my youthful-looking skin I am falling in love with my poreless appearance.

On the seventh day, I’m looking in the mirror and a younger version of myself is staring back at me. I insist on taking a closer look in the magnifying mirror. Then I look a little bit more. I am OCD so I know my skin to the smallest detail including the four tiny brown spots. My skin feels tighter, the pores are barely noticeable and the brown spots slightly faded away. Voilà! my first laser experience was a success! I basically look like an airbrushed selfie plus the glow! Hello Instagram filters, it looks like I won’t be using you much!

The eighth-day post cool peel is my favorite yet. I quickly pencil in my eyebrows, put two layers of Two-faced Better than sex mascara and a shade of Tom Ford F**king fabulous red lipstick, my signature. I skip foundation and illuminator because who needs it? I am glowing like a superstar on the red carpet! I can’t resist and have to blow myself a kiss in the mirror. Girl, you got that PFRANKMD signature glow!

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