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Cartessa Aesthetics is changing what it means to be a “Distributor”

If you were asked to define Cartessa’s business model what word would you use? Perhaps you’ve heard other companies declare that “Cartessa is just a distributor”?  Yes, we do distribute technologies made from a number of global manufacturers. But that is only one piece of the equation that makes Cartessa truly unique in the aesthetics space.

Cartessa is a curator, marketer, distributor, trainer, service group and practice accelerator. Our leadership boasts over 50 years of combined aesthetic industry experience- we have seen what works and what does not…which is why we are a partner like no other. We do things differently and are proud to share what makes us much more than a distributor.

  1. Curator

If you had a dime for every time a laser rep hauled a piece of junk into your practice…. in all seriousness the core of your practice (aside from your mission to provide the utmost service to your patients) is your technology. Cartessa is not tethered to any one manufacturer- which allows us to be incredibly picky with the technology that we chose to bring to you. Each device is hand-selected by our leadership team, in consultation with our clinical advisors, and must offer an advantage in terms of clinical efficacy, patient experience, and return on investment. We value the diversity of our product portfolio and like to think we do research so you don’t have to. We are deeply invested in success with our long-term partners like ElEn, Quanta System, DEKA and ShenB.

“What I look forward to in working with Cartessa, is I know that they are going to be out there scouring the field for best-in-class devices.”  – Monte Slater, MD.

2. Marketing

A “distributor” isn’t invited to the table to help design, brand and asses the potential of technology with global manufacturers. Cartessa is. Our partners value our knowledge of the North American consumer and our in-house marketing expertise. Branded treatments like CoolPeel originate from the clinical and marketing insights of the Cartessa team.  Cartessa has the unique ability to look across our portfolio as well to uncover new protocols and combinations that maximize patient success and revenue streams.

      “Our marketing team brings a unique perspective as our collective experience stretches the world of beauty, healthcare and aesthetics at some of the largest companies in the world. We challenge the norm, react to trends and look to break the mold wherever we can.” – Jill Later, CMO

3. Practice Development

From the start, our success has been predicated on our customer’s success- which is why establishing the Practice Development team came even before building out the sales organization. Every customer is assigned a Practice Development Consultant. Your Practice Development Consultant will work to give you the tools and strategies to promote your device.  You will have access to social posts, in-office assets and more.  The practice development team has more than tripled in the last two years and we may be biased, but they are the best in the industry.

4. On Call Tech Service

Things happens – even with the latest and greatest technologies.  This is why Cartessa built an internal service team to ensure fast and accessible technicians when they are needed. Our team of service engineers has a combined 200 years of experience working on medical aesthetic technology. If an issue ever arises, customers can put in a service request via to get help to your practice as quickly as possible. For devices requiring a little extra care, our service technicians are located across North America and will travel.

“I’ve worked in this field for the past 40 years and have worked on thousands of different lasers from various manufacturers. In my opinion, the technology at Cartessa is the absolute best on the aesthetic market. For the first time in my career, my team is doing significantly more installations than service repairs.” – Peter Jannicky, Director of Field Service

5. Training

Need to be trained on your new device – or have a team that needs a refresher  – Cartessa has an army of clinicians to ensure you are ready to treat patients with your new technologies.  During the height of covid, Cartessa set up virtual trainings to keep the education going and we continue to grow our library of online tools and training partners.

6. Financing

Cartessa’s mission is to provide new revenue streams that help our customers thrive.  Our business models makes it possible to keep capital costs down and identify technologies with minimal consumable/practice costs and provide strategies to maximize treatment revenue (ie. Combination treatments).  But we recognize that everyone’s path to investment is different. Therefore we work with you to provide financing solutions and exceptional partners that make sense for your business and your goals.

Cartessa was founded on the premise that there was a better way for a company to support its aesthetics customers seeking to earn our label as “the anti-laser, laser company”.  Our full-support model is the reason over 30% of our customers return to buy another device.  From consideration, to integration to promotion, our teams are committed to your success.  So reach out and see why Cartessa isn’t “just a distributor” but the fastest growing, un-definable company in the aesthetic space.

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