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Luxea – The Award-Winning Platform Device Your Practice Needs

Technological innovation and long-standing experience have come together to create a simple yet smart aesthetic solution with endless possibilities – Luxea. An expandable modular system using both pulsed light and laser wavelengths, Luxea offers a solution for practices looking to add both these modalities, without sacrificing patient efficacy,...

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Are Your Before and After Photos “Picture Perfect”?

Before and After photos have proven to be some of the most impactful marketing tools an aesthetic practice has. Results are great to share on a website but a majority of patients research providers using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more recently – TikTok. A “set it and forget it” strategy is not going to cut it on these dynamic...

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Cartessa Aesthetics is changing what it means to be a “Distributor”

If you were asked to define Cartessa’s business model what word would you use? Perhaps you’ve heard other companies declare that “Cartessa is just a distributor”? Yes, we do distribute technologies made from a number of global manufacturers. But that is only one piece of the equation that makes Cartessa truly unique in the aesthetics space.

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2020 In Hindsight and 2021 Practice Planning Musts

To say that 2020 was out of the ordinary is an understatement. As history is often our best teacher, Cartessa’s Director of Practice Development Kim Pezzetti compiled lessons learned by our customers from this challenging year and how you could be thinking differently about planning for 2021.

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Make the Most of the Tax Benefits Offered to You – Learn How

This year has impacted businesses everywhere, both small and large. Business owners are adjusting to new normals and in many cases, accepting changes in their financials. For businesses, and aesthetic practices everywhere, this could be leading to second guessing the investment in new products and services that could actually bring in new...

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Insta-Success! How to Grow Your Business Through Instagram

Being present on social media is key to attracting today’s patient market. Instagram reported that over 200 Million of the app users visit at least one business profile per day. Over 60% of these users claimed that they discovered a new business through Instagram. So, at a minimum, it is critical to ensure your account is set up as a Instagram...

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