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Summer’s Perfect Skin Treatment Pairing

As thoughts of sunhats and swimsuits start to creep into our heads, so should strategies to keep patients coming through your practice doors. It’s laser season now, but that doesn’t mean you need to lock your ablative treatments away come summer. Instead, ensure you have those modalities that can continue to deliver the results your patients want without the downtime and sensitivity. 

Hopefully by now you’ve seen some of the amazing combination treatments we’ve recommended to take outcomes to the next level. Cartessa is on a mission to provide new revenue streams for our customers and uncovering the best paired modalities from our incredible portfolio is just one way we do so.  For summer, we are loving the GlowH2O!

What is a Glow H2O Treatment?

Glow H2O combines the advanced aqua delivery of Skinwave, with the versatile RF Microneedling power of VirtueRF. This treatment yields amazing results for those looking to nourish, brighten, and kickstart collagen production. Glow H2O is “summer safe”, with no downtime.

Patients are first treated with a Skinwave treatment. Skinwave uses an advanced aqua delivery system and hydrodermabrasion to deeply cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin. Equipped with solutions rich in AHA, BHA, and Hyaluronic Acid coupled with electroporation, LED light therapy and lymphatic drainage calm, Skinwave is the ultimate treatment for patients looking to enhance their summer glow. Take that glow to the next, long-lasting level with VirtueRF…

Treating the skin (and neck) next with VirtueRF stimulates collagen production at a dermal level. VirtueRF is the most versatile RF Microneedling platform to date.  Providers can fine tune depths of the 36-needle handpiece from .1mm – 3.5mm and treat with both 1MHz and 2 MHz.  Furthermore, sub-pulse technology makes it possible to breakdown the RF energy so it’s more comfortable for the patient. It’s customization and sophistication at the highest level.

“VirtueRF has allowed continuation of aesthetic services throughout the year as opposed to having patients disappear in the summertime.”
– Thomas Griffin, Jr., MD Dermatologist.

The summer can wreak havoc on one’s skin. This combination yields great results for those looking to cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate but also continue with a highly effective anti-aging regimen.  Glow H2O addresses overall tone and texture, reduces pore size and fine lines and wrinkles and manage skin impurities that could cause acne breakouts.

VirtueRF and a Skinwave can be performed in the same session OR many recommend to that their patients come in every two weeks and alternate between the VirtueRF and Skinwave treatments.  It’s a fantastic way to keep patients engaged throughout the summer and because there is no downtime with either, it’s an easy low-maintenance regimen to keep-up.  Think collagen – cleanse – collagen – cleanse…it’s this summer’s best recipe for glowing skin.

If you currently own a VirtueRF or a Skinwave and want to learn more about the potential of adding another device to your practice, reach out to your local Cartessa agent.  Combination treatments like the GlowH2O are great ways to differentiate your services, maximize your patient’s time and money and maximize your return. Own both technologies and want ideas on how to package and price a GlowH2O – your practice development consultant is here to provide you with the marketing collateral and direction you need.

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