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Danica Patrick Chats With Women's Health About Her Favorite High-tech Skincare Treatment

Although she's retired from racing, Danica Patrick has not slowed down. Despite her busy schedule, she makes sure to stick to a wellness and beauty routine as part of her longevity-focused lifestyle. Speaking with Women's Health, Danica shares her go-to skincare and makeup products, as well as her favorite in-office treatment: VirtueRF microneedling combined with CoolPeel. Below is an excerpt from The Derm-Favorite Serum That Keeps Racing Pro Danica Patrick's Skin Blemish Free, written by Pia Velasco. 

Like the cars she used to race, Patrick's career is on warp-speed, and while her workout routine is frequent and consistent, she tells Women’s Health it’s also a bit of a break from the training she underwent when she was still racing professionally. “I lift weights for one hour three days a week and walk a lot,” she shares. It’s all part of her longevity-focused lifestyle, which also includes plenty of high-tech wellness and skincare treatments

WH: You're very into high-tech skincare treatments. what are a few you love and why?

DP: I really like the Virtue RF microneedling system and CoolPeel. I’ve been taking care of my skin since I was in my 20s and I’ve evolved from using microdermabrasion to microneedling as it helps with long-term collagen regeneration and getting your youthful skin back. And Virtue RF delivers the needles in a gentler way when compared to other types of microneedling, so it’s great at stimulating collagen without any downtime.

CoolPeel is really good for evening out skin tone and smoothing it out—it’s more of your immediate help. I do those pretty much quarterly and usually pair them together.

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