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Luxea – The Award-Winning Platform Device Your Practice Needs

Technological innovation and long-standing experience have come together to create a simple yet smart aesthetic solution with endless possibilities – Luxea. An expandable modular system using both pulsed light and laser wavelengths, Luxea offers a solution for practices looking to add both these modalities, without sacrificing patient efficacy, ROI, and space in treatment rooms.

Awarded for it’s revolutionary design and capabilities, Luxea is offering both providers and patients a new solution for unwanted hair, pigment and vascularities. “Patients rave about how Luxea eliminates unwanted pigment and vessels comfortably, with practically no downtime.  The swappable handpieces make it a workhorse for my practice,” says leading Hamptons Dermatologist, Dr. Mark Halsey.

We sat down with Cartessa founder & CEO, Gabe Lubin, to find out why he is extremely bullish on Luxea and what it can bring to customers.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about Luxea?

GL: Luxea is an expandable modular system using both pulsed light and laser wavelengths. It is one of the most advanced platform technologies I have ever worked with.  It enables physicians to offer many different treatments, with different revenue streams, without the purchase of multiple devices.

Q: What makes Luxea stand out amongst other platform devices?

GL: I think as a whole, there haven’t been any new, revolutionary aesthetic platform machines released in a long time. The demand for one device that offers IPL, different lasers, and a wide breadth of treatment options is a market that has become complacent. So, there was a real opportunity to bring something new to the marketplace and we found that with DEKA. DEKA is a global aesthetic manufacturer with over 30 years in business.  They have the engineering expertise to build the next generation platform technology. Luxea combines pieces of other best-in-class platform technologies and then DEKA took it a step further to truly create a one-of-a-kind solution.

Q: What are some key benefits of Luxea?

GL: First, Luxea offers true Laser plus IPL modalities in one system giving practices the ability to do many different treatments and create multiple revenue streams – and even add to their system in the future. It’s one of the best ROI opportunities. Second, Luxea offers treatments that are much more in line with the performance of a free-standing laser rather than those of a platform device. Historically, physicians have referred to all-in-one platforms as “Swiss Army Knives”- they do a little of everything, but they don’t do anything great. Luxea is really challenging this viewpoint. For example, DEKA engineering has made it possible to create laser sources inside the handpiece that are capable of high-performing treatments.  Practices can also choose an IPL handpiece with interchangeable filters, or fixed notch filters – the options without sacrificing efficacy are unparalleled.

Q: What practice do you think is right for Luxea?

GL: I think Luxea is going to be relevant for many different practices. For physicians that have limited space and limited treatment rooms, this is a great all-in-one option with one of the strongest ROI cases of any laser technology. For doctors that want to get into lasers and start offering cosmetic services, maybe they offer Botox and filler, but don’t have the budget to outfit their practice with numerous technologies, I think that this is a logical fit. I think that for anyone that wants to offer these procedures but doesn’t want their practice to be a “laser center”, Luxea offers substantial benefits over any other platform technology. Luxea enables providers to offer a lot of different treatments without sacrificing or compromising how effective those treatments are versus outfitting their entire practice with lasers.

Q: Can the treatments that Luxea offers be combined with other therapies?

GL: Yes absolutely! Depending on the treatment, we are moving to a world where stackable procedures and looking for synergies between IPL, lasers, and other energy sources is becoming more and more relevant. I think that there are lots of options on Luxea, even within its own system, that can be stackable with other therapies.

Q: Why was it important to you to add Luxea to Cartessa’s portfolio?

GL: I think that we’ve established ourselves as the company that brings lasers that have substantial, competitive advantages over anything else on the marketplace.   But for me, looking at the skin aesthetics market, we didn’t have that one turn-key solution. There is still a huge opportunity in the marketplace for one device that can own a treatment room, can be run by nurses and aestheticians, and that can perform a ton of treatments. We didn’t really have anything like Luxea, so I think the timing was serendipitous – that DEKA wanted to partner with us to launch the globally awarded Luxea in the United States.

This spring, Cartessa Aesthetics is offering practices an incredible opportunity to get their hands on the Luxea. Now through June 30th, trade in your platform device for up to 100% of its original value to credit towards a NEW Luxea. Email us at to learn more.

**Trade in value is subject to management approval **

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